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How to deal with anxiety that cannot stay still

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“I feel anxious and can’t stay still.”


People with anxiety

“There is no place to put myself”

“I’m sowed”

If you don’t move, you will feel anxiety, so you can’t stay still.


Even when I was listening to the story, I tried touching my hands and feet, trying to squeeze my poverty, rubbing my chest, and I felt like I wasn’t satisfied if something wasn’t moving all the time.


If you don’t do that, you will feel anxiety directly, so you often do it unconsciously.


What is this anxiety?


Anxiety is autonomic imbalance of the heart.

Palpitations occur because the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened.


Palpitations cause a vague “death anxiety” that results from a weakened heart.


This is the true nature of the anxiety of anxiety.



How to deal with anxiety that cannot stay still

Part 1 moves


It is a message from the brain that makes you squirm and move.


From the brain


It is said that.



“Message from the brain?”

“What do you mean?”

I would think.


Messages from the brain come out quite often.


If you have a backache when you bend down to take something, it’s

“Don’t bend down!”

It is a message from the brain.


When I bend down, the wounds in the muscles in my lower back open, so I start to feel pain and tell them not to do it.


Pain is a reaction in the body.

If you don’t have any pain, your lower back may be endlessly ill and paralyzed without your knowledge.

The pain is out of need.


Anxiety, like pain, is a reaction within the body.

I need my body to put it out.


“What is the need?”

that is

Need to move



That’s why I just end up squirming.

Since the heart is weakened, the message is “Use more muscles to help the heart work!”.


However, if you get sick, it is better to move firmly by your own will to improve your anxiety.


I think you can do muscle training.

If you have learned to dance, try dancing.

You may go out for a walk.

You may find an exercise that looks interesting on YouTube.


By moving your body, the happiness hormone oxytocin is released.


The happiness hormone serotonin is released by exposure to the morning sunlight.


Serotonin is the source of the sleep hormone melatonin.


By moving your body, growth hormone is released and you will feel better the next day.


This is the effect of actively moving your body.


When you start to sow, think “It’s a message from your brain!” And move your body.




How to deal with anxiety that cannot stay still

Part 2 Pull your chin


If you feel like moving, please do muscle training and gymnastics first.


And try to pull your chin a little while you are moving.


This is because when the chin is raised, palpitation is more likely to occur.


Taking a photo when renewing your license

“Pull your chin”

Didn’t you say that?


If you pull your chin to the extent that it is not painful on a daily basis, you will not feel anxious.


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