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Will knee osteoarthritis be cured?

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“My knee hurts when I stand”

“Surgery is recommended in orthopedics”


Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common disorder in older women.


Artificial joint replacement surgery is a well-known treatment for knee osteoarthritis.


However, many people really don’t want to go that far.

That’s why many people do electrical treatments, taping, and massages on their knees.


If the treatment is effective, please continue.


But if you’ve been on the treatment for years and it’s almost the same, it’s time to stop the treatment.


Our hospital is a treatment center specializing in autonomic imbalance, but sometimes you may be asked to treat your knees.


“In orthopedics, it is said that knee osteoarthritis is caused by taking an X-ray. Will it be cured?”




Will knee osteoarthritis be cured?


When I was asked that, I

“I don’t think knee osteoarthritis will be cured.”

“But I think the pain will go away.”

I am telling you.



“What are you saying?”

You might say.


Because you

“Knee pain will not go away unless osteoarthritis of the knee is cured.”

Because I think.


Knee pain equals knee osteoarthritis

I’m thinking.


I think most people, not just you, think so.


In fact, it is said that the relationship between X-ray results and actual symptoms is 70%.


to be specific

It hurts but there is no problem on the X-ray
It doesn’t hurt, but when I took an X-ray, it was deformed
That is 70%.


In my clinical experience, it exceeds this and is about 90%.


Even if you have knee osteoarthritis, 90% of people will have no knee pain.


“I can’t believe that!”

You may say.


No, it’s actually being said.


This is unavoidable in a modern society that is all about Western medicine.

Western medicine is “Western medicine”.


Believing is energy.

It has power, good and bad.


But Western medicine is only a small part of the whole of medicine.


Besides Western medicine, “Oriental medicine”, “Ayurveda”, “Natural remedies”, “Chiropractic”, etc.


There are many others.


I think it’s a waste to just rely on Western medicine.


By the way, I value “chiropractic”, “oriental medicine” and “Chinese medicine”.


Of course, I have a national qualification, so I am studying Western medicine well.

I also learned anatomy through sample anatomy.




How to get rid of the pain of knee osteoarthritis


that is

Have a good posture



The nerves in the knee come from the pelvis and hips.

These nerves include motor nerves that move the knees and participate near the head, and autonomic nerves that control blood flow and healing in the knees.


If you improve the nerves of this knee, the pain will be reduced and you will be able to move better, and the tissue of the knee will heal day by day.


The reason why the nerves in the knee are weak is that the spine is distorted.


The reason why the spine is distorted is that it has a bad posture.


Please spend a month in good posture.


It may be difficult to get completely painful

“It doesn’t hurt when I stand more than a month ago”

“I used to get hurt quickly, but now I can walk for about 20 minutes.”

You should see changes such as.


Once I can understand it myself, I’m looking forward to continuing, so I will continue to have a good attitude without saying anything.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).


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