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How to sit prone to autonomic imbalance

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How are you sitting at home?


“I’m sitting in a chair”

“It’s a sofa”

“It’s cross-legged on the floor.”



How you sit is very important.

This is because the autonomic nerves pass through the spine.


If you sit poorly and your spine is distorted, your autonomic nerves will also deteriorate, resulting in autonomic imbalance.


This time, I will explain “how to sit down that is prone to autonomic imbalance”.




How to sit prone to autonomic imbalance

① Physical education sitting


Most people hear this

“What ?! It’s a lie !!”

I think I say.


Because it’s the way of sitting that I learned at school.



“It’s not bad to say that it’s recommended at school because it’s recommended by the country.”

You would also say.


Unfortunately, not everything taught at school is correct.


Of course, I don’t think the school is thinking that the physical education is correct or that it is good for your health.


It looks like you’re “corporal punishment” when you sit upright in the school playground, and cross-legged legs aren’t suitable for everyone …

For the sake of convenience, I think that the gymnastics sitting has been going on all the time.


So why isn’t the physical education sitting good?


that is

Because there is no warping of the spine



The parts of the spine that are warped are the “neck,” “waist,” and “pelvis.”

It means that these three places will not be in a normal state.


And if you add one, the “coccyx” under the pelvis is pushed and distorted, which also makes you sick.


Women may suffer from irregular menstruation and severe menstrual cramps.


Never sit in the gym outside of school.




How to sit prone to autonomic imbalance

② Throw out your legs and sit down


This is the so-called “long seat”.


Most of the time, you sit on the floor with your back leaning against the sofa and your legs stretched out.


Here, I will teach you how to sit with the autonomic nerves that I recommend.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).

Sit on the floor and stretch your legs to take this position.

Could you?


The person who answered that he could do it was the gymnastics club or the rhythmic gymnastics club (laughs).

If your body is not so soft, you will not be able to take a good posture in a long sitting position.



Recommended sitting style


It is a sitting style that makes it easy to take the above-mentioned “good posture”.



① Sit on a chair


A high chair is easier to take a better posture than a low chair.

If the height can be adjusted, set it as high as possible.


Then put a cushion or towel on your butt.

Doing so will make it easier for your pelvis to fall forward and take a good posture.



② Seiza


As you can see by sitting upright and taking a good posture, sitting upright is very easy.

However, if you are not accustomed to it, your legs will become numb immediately.


But as I do it every day, I get used to it little by little.

Recommended for the spine.



③ Agura


It’s misleading, but if you’re cross-legged normally, your back will be rounded.


Put about two cushions under your hips.

Please put only the buttocks.

The feet are on the floor.


If there is a difference between the legs and buttocks, it will be easier to take a good posture even with crossed legs.


Please try by all means try.


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