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I’m negative、、、

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“I’m negative … can you heal?”


I was asked.

This person is a person who came to the hospital because of anxiety.


In the world

“Positive is better”

“Negative is not good”

The idea is pervasive.


In other words, positive is positive and negative is backward.


Even if something goes wrong

“It’s okay, I’ll do something about it!”

Is positive.

“What should I do … I’m in trouble”

Is negative.


I don’t think there is a problem with this reaction itself.


Positive reaction What if you say “OK, I’ll do something about it!” And do nothing?

It’s just a Noh weather person.

He’s just someone who doesn’t think about anything.


On the other hand, if you take some action by saying a negative reaction, “What should I do … I’m in trouble”, it’s a thoughtful person.


The worst thing is the negative reaction, “What should I do … I’m in trouble” but do nothing.


When it comes to what’s wrong with this person, negative thinking isn’t the problem.


I know it’s bad, but I can’t act

I’m not feeling well

That is why.


In other words, he has autonomic imbalance.


This person also had autonomic imbalance called anxiety.

He had lived in this state for many years, but he finally came to the hospital with a heavy hip lift.


Anxiety is autonomic imbalance of the heart.

It is a state in which the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened and palpitation is more likely to occur.


When the autonomic nerves of the heart weaken, “death anxiety” passes through the head.

That is the true nature of “somehow always anxious.”


The autonomic nerves of the heart are in the spine.

It comes from the thoracic vertebra No. 1.


When the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves of the heart do not come out well, and the autonomic nerves become ataxic, leading to anxiety.


On the contrary, if you spend your time straightening your spine, your anxiety will be cured.


This person also corrected his spine and lived in a good posture, and his anxiety improved considerably.


Negative stories have disappeared a lot.

It seems that many of this person’s negative thoughts came from anxiety.


But sometimes

“I can’t help but think negatively …”

Is called.


But now this person has a lot of negative thoughts and actions to solve them, so I think that’s fine.


for example

“I’m sick …?”

If a negative thought goes through my head, I will be examined at the hospital immediately.


I used to be worried that I wasn’t feeling well and didn’t take any action, so I can say that I’m much better.


Negative thinking is like a life support system in life.

I think you don’t have to force yourself into a positive way of thinking.


The important thing is to stay in a physical condition that allows you to take immediate action if something goes wrong.


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