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What is the reason for getting tired after treatment?

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There is an elementary school student with orthostatic hypotension.


Almost every time, the child gets tired and can’t stand after treatment, so the mother takes it home with a piggyback ride.


The “improvement reaction” is known as a reaction after treatment.

This can be painful after treatment or elsewhere.


This reaction is caused by the fact that the lid has been removed from the symptom that had been left unattended in the past.


“The knee I hurt before has hurt again.”


“I should have healed my stiff shoulders, but now I feel stiff shoulders again.”



I think it can’t be helped to some extent in the process of healing.


The improvement reaction usually subsides after the first few treatments.


However, this child has been treated about 15 times, almost every time.


How does this reaction occur?




Reasons for getting sick after treatment


that is

Because the swing width of the autonomic nerve is small



This child is in the 4th grade of elementary school and has various sensitive times.

She developed orthostatic hypotension in the first place because of interpersonal relationships.


There are probably few children in the 4th grade who have their autonomic nerves trained.


The fact that the autonomic nerves are trained means that the sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves are well balanced.


In a long life

“It’s painful, but I’ll do my best!”

“Travel and rest when you say this”

I think that such a thing happened many times.


“It’s painful but I’ll do my best”

And the sympathetic nerve is trained.


After that, if you go on a trip or eat delicious food as a reward



And the parasympathetic nerve is trained.


If you repeat this many times, your autonomic nerves will be trained and you will not be able to move in a few things.


It’s difficult to ask a child for this.


However, it is not effective to spend all day at home because you are not feeling well, to spend time watching YouTube, or to spend time in an air-conditioned room because it is hot.


If you do the same thing as before, your sympathetic nerves will hardly rise.

If the sympathetic nerves rise the same as before, the same reality will only repeat.


Let’s raise the sympathetic nerve!


Your child

“I’m at home because I’m tired”



“It’s hot, but let’s go to the shopping center and go to all-you-can-eat!”

Please invite me.


If you increase your sympathetic nerves during the day, the reaction will increase your parasympathetic nerves at night and you will be able to sleep better.


One thing to keep in mind is not to overdo it.


As the criterion


Don’t act as much.


It is also very important to know the child’s current behavioral limits.


Please challenge.


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