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The easiest way to generate energy in the world

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“I don’t feel like doing anything …”


There is a person who says.

The number of people who say this has increased, especially since the Korona-ka.


“It’s better to walk”

“But you know,,,”


“Let’s improve our posture”

“I know, but …”


For me, it feels like I’m pushing my arms to the noren.


If the listener asks

“Why don’t you do such a simple thing?”

I feel like I think.


This is the so-called lack of energy.

I don’t feel like doing anything because I don’t have the energy.


I have no energy, so I can’t be careful about my posture.

I can’t take a walk because I don’t have the energy.


To such a person

“What should I do from now on?”

Will be asked.


What do you think you should do if you become lethargic?


“Are you motivated?”

“Wait until you have enough energy?”

“Do you want to rest?”


Actually, there is a trick that makes it easy to get motivated.




The easiest way to generate energy in the world


that is

To move anyway



“What are you talking about!”

“I’m in trouble because I can’t do that!”

But this is the ultimate way to get motivated.


Now, let’s think about why we became lethargic.


I can’t go out because of Korona-ka.

Then, I often relax at home.

This reduces the amount of physical activity.

I don’t have to move my body anymore, so my muscles drop.

When muscles fall, energy metabolism falls proportionally.

Since it consumes only enough energy to live without moving, the brain with high calorie metabolism is also in a saving mode.

As a result, I lose my energy.


It is like that.


In the first place, it stopped working, so I lost my energy.


Just move and boost your energy metabolism.


That said, you

“I understand what you’re saying …”

You might say.


But you don’t have to think about it.


Please do something while saying.


I don’t feel like I’m still.

Please understand it.


Even if you don’t feel like it, take a step out of your house and walk.


Even if you don’t feel like it, try a little radio calisthenics.


Even if you don’t feel like it, try a little half squat.


If you try to move even a little, the happiness hormone oxytocin will come out and you will feel refreshed.


Once you feel it, it’s easy to continue.


If you are motivated

“Do squats 10 times”

Please decide.


By doing so, when you reach that goal, the goal-achieving hormone dopamine will be released, and you will be more and more motivated.


If you overdo it, it won’t continue, so make it a small goal.


Anyway, try what you can do from this moment today.


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