Things that people with anxiety should not do|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Things that people with anxiety should not do

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Many people are more or less anxious.


I think it is even more so in this age.

Will this anxiety not disappear until this turmoil is over?


Unfortunately, however, the coronavirus is not extinct.

Some scholars have asserted that the social situation will not return to before Corona.


Then, do we have to live with this anxiety in the future?



it’s not.


Most of your anxiety has little to do with social conditions.


90% of anxiety and worries do not happen.

There are many books that appeal to it.


Please look back on you too.

Have you realized what you were worried about a year ago?


Rather, it is great to remember the anxieties and worries of a year ago.


In fact, most of your anxiety comes from “illness.”

It has nothing to do with feelings or social conditions.




Things that people with anxiety should not do


I mentioned that your anxiety and social conditions, including Corona, are not related, but they are related in the following points.


that is

“I’m too scared of Corona to leave the house.”

That is.


Previously, a college student came to the hospital and complained of anxiety.


“I’m scared of Corona and I’m not out of the house at all.”

It said.

Classes are remote.

It’s possible because my parents earn money and make rice, but there are many people who are similar to each other.


I used to go to tennis twice a week, but I quit going because of the corona turmoil, and I almost stopped going for a walk.


The number of people who are still at home has increased.


What’s wrong with staying at home

Less chance to move
Less chance to get in the sun
Less chance to talk to people
Opportunities to raise sympathetic nerves are overwhelmingly reduced.


If you do not raise your sympathetic nerves during the day, your parasympathetic nerves will not rise at night.


If you can’t sleep well, your body will gradually weaken.

And eventually, it becomes autonomic imbalance such as anxiety.


Let’s go out as much as possible.

It may be a little scary at first, but get used to it little by little.

Raise your sympathetic nerves by walking or talking to someone.



And there is a habit of wanting people with anxiety to quit right now.

that is

“Sofa armrest pillow”



If you have this habit, stop it now!

Right now! !!


This habit has a high probability of deteriorating the “autonomic nerves of the heart” that cause anxiety.


Palpitations begin to occur when the autonomic nerves of the heart deteriorate.


“Somehow uneasy”

Will be.


This is why you say your anxiety comes from your physical condition, regardless of your feelings or social conditions.


I once read an article that many American Hollywood stars suffer from anxiety when I searched online.


I’ve never seen Hollywood stars in their daily lives, but America should have an overwhelmingly higher proportion of sofa life than Japan.


Perhaps Hollywood stars don’t need counseling if they stop using the sofa armrest pillows.


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