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Does it take a year for frozen shoulders?

“If you don’t move it, it will harden.”

Some people say that they were told by a junior at work.


According to juniors

“I rehabilitated hard every day and healed my forty shoulders in a year and a half.”

… apparently …


By the way, the person who said this has been attending our hospital for the past month or so.

“Never rehabilitate”

Under my guidance, it’s almost gone.


The person who caught that person and took a year and a half

“You should move it!”

Is insisting.


I deeply felt that this was common sense in the world.


When I look it up on the net, what I’m saying is

“Fifty shoulders take about a year”




“If you don’t move it, it will harden, so let’s move it.”



Is this really correct?




Does it take a year for frozen shoulders?



It doesn’t cost.


The person mentioned above has improved considerably in a month.

But ask the people around you who have experience with frozen shoulders.

“How long did it take to heal?”



Most people

“It took about a year”

Should say.


Why are our patients healing overwhelmingly faster than the average person in the world?


There is a big reason for this.

If you can do this, your frozen shoulder will improve incredibly quickly.


that is

“Do not do rehabilitation”



I’m sure you

“If you don’t do rehabilitation, it will get worse, right?”

“How do you improve without doing rehabilitation?”

I would think.


But this is a grave fact.

Do not rehabilitate.


Why is rehabilitation?

That’s because it doesn’t harden.


Rehabilitation is recommended as it does not harden on most internet sites.


Certainly it is decided that it is better not to harden.


Here is a question for you.

Which is better, you have a normal range of movement but it hurts for a whole year, or you don’t hurt but a little less range of movement?


I’ve heard this from everyone who came with a frozen shoulder.

And everyone answers the latter.


To say that it hurts is a message from the brain that it does not do that action.


I don’t know on the surface, but please understand that there are countless small scratches on the inside of the skin.


When you rehabilitate, the wound that is closing a little will open your mouth again.

What if I do this every day?


You already know.

This is the reason why frozen shoulders take more than a year.


If you’ve had a sprained leg, you didn’t rehabilitate when it hurt and you couldn’t walk, right?

I think I started rehabilitation when the pain had disappeared to some extent but the range of movement of the ankle had decreased.


The structure of the body is shoulders, so there is no such thing as ankles.


When it hurts, don’t do it.


Please live so as not to hurt.


院長 宮島信広