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Efforts to improve panic disorder

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What are you doing to improve your panic disorder?


I think most people are dosing in psychosomatic medicine or psychiatry.

A small number of people are counseled.


I asked a counselor the other day that when I had a panic attack, I felt a little calm when I was aware of my condition.

This is also effective.



So is dosing effective?

Of course it is effective


Stabilizers and anxiolytics are effective when you “want to do something now” or “want to escape from this pain now”.


However, in the case of medicines, it is necessary to carry out “fundamental treatment” at the same time as taking the medicine.


Because stabilizers and anxiolytics do not cure panic disorder.


Stabilizers and anxiolytics only make it harder to feel anxious.


For example, let’s say that the borderline that makes you feel uneasy is 100 points.

If you are now 101 points, you may have a panic attack.


Stabilizers and anxiolytics do not lower this 101 points, they just raise the borderline 100 points to 110 points and are hidden in the feeling.


If you do not take the action of lowering 101 points while making it hard to feel, the day will come when the medicine will exceed 110 points instead of being unable to stop forever.


This time, a medicine that raises the borderline to 120 points is prescribed.

While repeating this

“I can’t give you any stronger medicine anymore.”

Will be said.


So what can we do to improve our panic disorder?



How to improve panic disorder

① Good posture and do not look down


Panic disorder is caused by a deterioration of the autonomic nerves of the heart.

That’s why it’s a set with palpitation.


I read panic disorder as “cardiac autonomic imbalance.”


The autonomic nerves of the heart come from the spine.

When the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves of the heart do not come out well and ataxia occurs.


Also, the longer the time you look down on your smartphone, the greater the distortion.

Please improve your posture and live without looking down.




How to improve panic disorder

② Move your body


Many people with panic disorder say that they have no place to put themselves.

I’m soaking and wandering around.


I can’t stay still because of my anxiety.


However, this is a command from the brain when viewed in reverse.

From the brain


It is said that.


Let’s move without standing still.

If you are at home, try swinging your bracelet at a good tempo, dancing, and doing muscle training such as squats.


By moving, a happy hormone called oxytocin comes out and you feel refreshed.




How to improve panic disorder

③ Work little by little


Do not push yourself.


Please do not try to go out from the beginning or ride the express alone even though it is still difficult.


Let’s start with what we can do now, such as walking around the house, getting on each station by train and getting off at any time.


And once you get used to the behavior, try to go a little farther.


The guideline for walking is “one telephone pole”.


“Let’s go one step further today from the body to this telephone pole yesterday.”

“I came to this station yesterday, so let’s try another one today.”

I feel said.


Let’s work on it without difficulty, but surely.


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