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How to overcome stomach pain …

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“Eating makes my stomach hurt.”


There is a person who says.

What’s wrong with this person?

Gastritis, reflux esophagitis, loss of appetite, etc.


People who have a bad stomach, people who have a weak stomach for a long time, is it a constitution?


“My mother also had a bad stomach.”

“Is it heredity?”

Some people doubt that.


By the way, reflux esophagitis and loss of appetite are not hereditary.


There are many reasons why your stomach may get sick.

Ingestion of stimulants
eat too much
Excessive drinking


Among them, the most common reason is “eating fast”.


When I asked why I eat fast

“It’s an old habit.”

“I don’t have much time because I’m busy with work.”


“I’m not going to eat fast”

Some people say that.


If most people can improve their eating habits, stomach symptoms, including stomach pain, will improve significantly.




How to overcome stomach pain …

(1) Be aware of eating fast


Obviously, in order to overcome eating fast, you cannot improve unless you realize that you are eating fast.


To do that, you have to calculate the time when you start eating and the time when you finish eating.


In fact, the problem with eating fast is not that you finish eating in a short amount of time.


Here, earlier

“I don’t mean to eat fast”

I mentioned that there is a reason to say that, but in fact, many people who say this spend time eating.


The problem with eating fast that leads to stomach pain is

Do not chew with chitin and eat

It is.


If you spend a lot of time eating but don’t chew too much, it’s the same as eating fast.


If you don’t chew too much, you should have a stomachache after you finish eating.


How many times have you chewed?


Please count the number of times.

I think I’ve swallowed it 5 or 6 times.


Please chew 30 times.

If you chew this much in your daily diet, the burden on your stomach will be greatly reduced, and your stomach pain after eating will improve.




How to overcome stomach pain …

Part 2 Put chopsticks


It’s like Momoe-chan’s “putting a microphone” lol.


Place the chopsticks.


“If you put chopsticks on it, you can’t eat it.”

“Do you eat with a spoon?”

It seems to be said, but it is not.


Put chopsticks every time you eat a bite.


After putting the rice in your mouth, put the chopsticks on it.

And chew with mogumogu.

After swallowing, pick up the chopsticks and grab the side dish with the chopsticks.

Put the chopsticks in your mouth.


I feel said.

If you do this, you can’t eat fast.


Inevitably, you will chew well and eat.

If you chew well and eat, your stomach condition will improve day by day.


Chew well and eat!

I think that’s fine for those who decide to eat

“After all, it’s a long-standing habit …”

“I just eat fast …”

If so, I think it is very effective to put chopsticks one by one and eat.


Please try it.


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