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I don’t have an appetite, but I eat well for my body

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“I don’t have an appetite, but I’m desperately eating because of my physical strength.”


There is a person who says.


When we caught a cold as a kid

“Eat even a little because you have to improve your physical strength.”

I think that my parents have told me that I have eaten porridge even if I have no appetite.


From such an experience, there is a belief that “even if you don’t have an appetite, it’s bad for you if you don’t eat it.”



“I have a cold and I’m weak, so it’s natural to eat and recover my strength, right?”

You might say.


Certainly, if you don’t eat well when you should, you can’t work or play.


But you have to think about whether it’s time to eat.

Eating anytime, anywhere does not restore your strength.




I have no appetite but eat well for my body



As I said from the answer, it is wrong to force yourself to eat even if you have no appetite.

You can see this by looking at dogs and cats.


If you have a dog or cat, maybe there was a time when you didn’t eat it?


“I don’t feel like this kid …”

When I say that, I usually don’t eat rice.

At that time, most people change hands and try various things, but the result is the same.


However, when the time comes, I think I have had the experience of starting to eat naturally.


This is the same for wild animals.

When he’s not feeling well, he doesn’t eat and stays still.


Humans are the only animals that are forced to eat even though they are not feeling well.

This is due to the traditional imprinting that “it is bad for you if you don’t eat it”.


So, if you don’t have an appetite, is it better to leave it as it is?



You should find out the cause of your loss of appetite and try to get it.

The act of eating leads to living.

Try to get your appetite as soon as possible.



How to get an appetite

Part ① chew well


When I push the stomach part of a person who has no appetite, it is stiff and tense.

This is a condition where the stomach is tired.


There are many reasons why your stomach is tired, but one of the major reasons is that you don’t chew too much.


If you don’t chew too much, your stomach will have to process the unprocessed food, which will increase your stomach’s work.


What if your subordinates didn’t do much work?

You have to take over for that, right?


Chew 30 times to eat for your stomach.



How to get an appetite

Part 2 Reduce wheat


Appetite is often attributed to the condition of the stomach, but it is also a problem with the intestines below it.


The intestines are responsible for 80% of digestion and absorption.

When the intestines get worse, you don’t want to eat.


As a major factor that makes the intestines tired

Food additive
Ingestion of cold things
And so on.


Among them, “wheat” is what most people take without noticing it.


I don’t think people who have been diagnosed with wheat allergies will take it, but even those who have not been diagnosed with wheat allergies are hungry for those who consume a lot of wheat.


Apparently, wheat, which has a short history, seems to be an allergen for us Japanese.


Stop “bread every morning” and “pasta every day” and leave it every other day.


If you receive the above plus spine correction, your appetite loss will improve in the shortest possible time.


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