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Three things you need to do during depression

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If you’re depressed and recuperating right now, don’t just rest.


Staying at home does not improve depression.


But most people just relax at home.

That’s because when you’re relaxing at home, you don’t get that painful symptom.


“Isn’t that all right?”


Most people think.

That’s why I just relax.


Wake up leisurely in the morning.

Work at home.

If it gets a little spicy, lie down and rest.


I think it looks like this.


“Isn’t it okay to feel like that when it’s hard?”



I think you do this when you have a hard time.


But this is what to do if you have a cold or a broken leg.


If you have a cold and have a hard time, resting your body is the best medicine.

Rest is the first priority when you have a broken leg or have an injury.


However, depression does not improve even if it is at rest.

It feels better when you sleep, but it’s just a bad preservation.


No, rather, the condition gets worse because the muscles weaken due to rest.

When the time you sleep is about the same as the time you are awake, your energy will be weakened and you will not feel motivated.


So what should you do during depression treatment?




Three things you need to do during depression

(1) Sit in a good posture


Depression is caused by an imbalance in the autonomic nerves.

The autonomic nerves are in the spine.


If you say

Autonomic nerve = spine

It can also be said.


When the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves are also upset.


During medical treatment, I often stay at home.

I think a lot of people are sitting most of the day.


Please take a firm sitting posture.

Sitting sloppy does not improve depression.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).



Three things you need to do during depression

Part 2 walk


People get better when they walk.

Please observe the elderly.


People who are walking firmly are fine.

On the other hand, people who are not comfortable walking seem to be sick.


Walking uses muscles.

Of course, you will be physically fit.


Get in the sun by walking outside.

When exposed to sunlight for about 15 to 30 minutes, a happy hormone called serotonin is released.


By using muscles, oxytocin, which is a happy hormone, is also released.


It has a very positive effect on the body and mind.




Three things you need to do during depression

Part ③ Contact with people


It is natural to have medical treatment at home, but contact with people is reduced.


It is quite a burden to suddenly talk to people when you return to work after the medical treatment period.


Please interact with someone as much as possible.


For example, when shopping at a convenience store


“thank you very much”

Even if you don’t have a conversation with someone, you can talk to people who live in the same apartment.


Please exchange greetings with.


Even with such a simple thing, the happy hormone oxytocin will be released, which will make you feel better.


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