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What is the best health method?

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Do you have enough sleep?


There are various health methods in the world.

Exercise, gymnastics, stretching, yoga, breathing, etc.


When I asked, I was walking underwater to prevent osteoporosis, I went to the gym twice a week to do muscle training, and I walked for about an hour every day.


As far as I can see, I think that the effect of the health method has been realized to some extent.

The most important thing is to continue.


Here you

“The best health method is to continue the health method that suits you.”

You might think, but unfortunately it isn’t.




What is the best health method?


What is the best health method I think

Sleep well



I’m not saying that other health methods are worthless.


If you don’t sleep well, those health methods will not be effective.


It is no exaggeration to say that even if you relax by doing yoga during the day, or if you feel better after receiving a massage, it will have little effect unless you get a good night’s sleep.


I am treating autonomic imbalance, and I score the person’s condition every time.


A score of 70 is a pass, and a score of 65 is a failure.

If you get 80 points, most people

“I’m in good shape”

Is saying.



“It’s not 80 points today, but it’s amazing!”

Even if I tell you

“Is that so? It hurts my head so much?”

May be said.


To that person

“Maybe I’m short of sleep?”

In most cases, it will be true.


No matter how well your spine is, your body is relaxed, and your autonomic nervous system is well-flowing, lack of sleep will almost always be ineffective.




Why do you fall asleep?


If for some reason you don’t have enough sleep for some reason, that’s not a problem.


The problem is “chronic lack of sleep”.


This greatly increases various risks.

Work on solving the problem now.


Most of them in our hospital

Fall asleep on the sofa
I fall asleep with my child
Bath time is late


Even if I try to put up with falling asleep on the sofa, I can’t put up with it.

Especially if you are tired after returning from work.


First of all, please do not sit on the sofa.

And if you get tired, finish everything and sleep in bed.


I can’t stand sleeping with my child.

I wish I could sleep as it is, but if I wake up and work while drying my hair or cleaning up the kitchen, I wake up and can’t sleep this time.


In this case as well, please finish everything before going to bed.

If you don’t mind washing dishes tomorrow, please do it tomorrow morning.


Isn’t it possible for a good number of people to have a late bath time?


I am my wife

“Why don’t you take a bath early?”

She was angry when I urged her.


It’s a problem that seems easy to change and difficult to change.


However, please try to wake up here.


“Let’s take a shower as soon as we get home”


“Let’s take a bath as soon as we eat dinner”

It is good to decide.


You can get to the company on time because you have a time schedule.


Time to take a bath

“This time”

It is good to decide.


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