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Don’t feel anxious! Move! !!

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Many people have anxiety.


It may be because of such a time.

Can you stay still at such times?


Many people complaining of anxiety

“I don’t have a place to put myself, so I’m sick.”


“I can’t stay still and I’m wandering around.”

Is called.


Many people who complain of anxiety feel anxiety directly when they are still, so they are squirming or wandering around.


In Bruce Lee’s famous words

“Don’t think, feel

Don’t think, feel it ”

However, if you feel uneasy, you can say as follows.

“Don’t feel, move

Don’t feel it, move it ”


In this case, the content is different from wandering around with anxiety and walking aggressively.


The point is whether it is passive or active.


Are you driven by anxiety?

Are you moving on your own initiative?

There is a big difference between the two.


It is very important to move by your own will.

It means doing exercise and muscle training.



What are the benefits of exercise and muscle training?

Part ① Growth hormone



“Exercise? Muscle training?”

“Can you improve your mental anxiety by doing that?”


It is natural to do exercise and muscle training, but you will use muscles.

By using muscle, growth hormone is released.


Although not well known, growth hormone is also involved in mental effects such as motivation and frustration.


By exercising and doing muscle training, there are effects such as improving mental stability and energy.



What are the benefits of exercise and muscle training?

Part 2 Testosterone


Testosterone is a well-known androgen, but this hormone is also involved in mental health.


This hormone increases mental stability and motivation.



What are the benefits of exercise and muscle training?

Part ③ Serotonin


Serotonin is also known as the “happiness hormone”.

It lifts your mood and creates a stress-resistant mental health.


And since serotonin is a source of the hormone melatonin that controls sleep, it is a hormone that can be said to be the source of good sleep.




What are the benefits of exercise and muscle training?

Part ④ Dopamine


This hormone is also a happiness hormone, but it is the effect of this hormone that makes you feel uplifted when you reach your goal.


The harder you train, the more dopamine will be released upon achievement.


However, it should be noted that the release of dopamine tends to decrease as it gets used to it to some extent.


Last time I had a sense of accomplishment with 20 push-ups, but now I have to do 30 times to get a sense of accomplishment.

If you rely only on the sense of accomplishment, the limit will come and you will not be able to continue.


What are the benefits of exercise and muscle training?

Part ⑤ Noradrenaline


This hormone makes the sympathetic nerves irritated and makes the body easier to move, and makes it easier for serotonin to be released.



The above is the reason why hormones are released and mental health is adjusted just by exercising and doing muscle training.

If you’re sowa sowa and wandering around, why not put that effort into exercise and muscle training?


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