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How to regulate autonomic nerves and reduce stress

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Do you regularly prepare your autonomic nerves?


Do you have a habit of reducing your stress?


People who tend to accumulate stress

“I’m busy with work and I don’t have time to do that.”

“I know I need it, but I can’t because I’m too busy with my daily life.”

Will be returned.


However, the autonomic nerves can be adjusted and stress can be reduced without doing so special things.



“I don’t think it’s that easy!”

You might say.


That’s why we don’t take action.


Arranging the autonomic nerves and reducing stress is not so special.


I’m not saying that you should leave the company right now.

By making the little things in your daily life a habit, you can dramatically reduce your stress.


The following is what I wrote in the complete input by psychiatrist Zion Kabasawa, but I would like to tell you that I feel it is effective.



How to get your autonomic nerves in order and reduce stress

(1) Resting eyes closed


What do you do when you are free?

For example, a desk worker is taking a lunch break or on a train going back and forth.

If you are a housewife, after doing housework.


I think most people are “looking at their smartphones.”

Check your email on your smartphone, play games on your smartphone, and watch SNS.


I think you are looking at the screen anyway.


This is actually the problem.


The brain is said to use 70% to 80% of its ability to process visual information.

Especially for those who work at desks, the brain is very tired by processing a large amount of visual information during work.


But what if you were looking at your smartphone during lunch break?

Originally, the break time is to rest and refresh the brain.


However, the time spent looking at a smartphone causes brain fatigue rather than refreshing.


According to a study by the International University of Health and Welfare, just closing your eyes will increase the alpha wave and provide a high relaxing effect.


By not seeing anything, the brain recovers.

Please stop using your smartphone and close your eyes for a few minutes without doing anything.

That alone is pretty refreshing.



How to get your autonomic nerves in order and reduce stress

Part 2 Touch nature


According to the Finnish National Institute of Resources, research has shown that exposure to nature has a high probability of reducing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing creativity.


So do we have to live in the mountains every day?



it’s not.


Some effect can be obtained even in parks in the city.


If you are an office worker, you can go to the park for lunch, eat lunch in the park, and go out to the forest bathing with your family on weekends to reduce stress and improve your autonomic nerves.


It’s effective but easy to practice.

try it.


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