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How to get rid of anxiety and negative emotions

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Are you a positive person?

Are you a negative person?


“Since I was a kid, I tend to think badly because of my negative personality. Can this be cured?”

I have been consulted with.


The point is that I want to be more optimistic and brighter.


Is it possible to turn a negative person into a positive thought?



How to get rid of anxiety and negative emotions

Listen to the voice


Not only this person but also human beings tend to think about anxiety and negative things when they are not doing anything.


“I hate the company”

“Is the future of my child okay?”

“You’ll get sick”

“I wonder if customers will come”

“Isn’t my salary going down?”

“Why don’t you become a corona?”



When I’m terrified

“I wonder if patients will come this month”


“Is it okay in the future?”

There are many times when I think about it.


Perhaps you are similar or close.


At that time, I’m listening to the voice.

It keeps playing a particularly positive voice.


When humans are thinking about one thing, they cannot think about another.


“I’m studying while watching TV.”

I think some people say that.


However, people who are studying while watching TV only watch TV the moment they watch TV, and when they return to study, they switch to studying.


In fact, this puts a tremendous load on the brain.

I’m overdoing it.


That’s why you can’t usually think of negative things in your head when you’re listening to the audio.


I listen to Murphy and so on, but whatever you like is fine.

I think it can be a novel.


“I’ve been on TV all the time.”

Many people will say that.


However, this is not recommended.

Every program on TV always has news on a regular basis.

70% of Japanese news is negative news.


When I watch TV from morning till night, I hear the same negative news many times, so I am brainwashed and my thoughts are negative.


“Is music okay?”


If you are a singer you like very much and listen to the lyrics, it will have the effect of canceling the negative thoughts, but with music that has a BGM-like way of listening, you cannot cancel the negative thoughts.


The important thing is to “listen to the words.”


“Where can I hear the voice?”


I use Amazon’s Audible, but this app costs 1500 yen a month, so if you are looking for free, please use a free app such as Voicy.


YouTube is also a great voice app if you don’t look at the screen.

It’s a good idea to follow some people who can be positive thinking and keep them ringing in the room all the time.


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