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Differences between menopause and menopause

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“I’ve been sick for about 7 years since I was 45 years old.”


To the person

“It’s a long time, isn’t it?”

If you say

“But menopause is generally between the ages of 45 and 55, so isn’t it not long?”

They said.




I felt that.


There is a slight discrepancy between me and this person.


That is, this person is talking about “menopause” and I’m talking about “menopause”.


For this person, it seems that the scheme of menopause = menopause holds.


Probably because everyone thinks that they will have menopause when they enter the menopause.


My idea is different.

The reason I said to this person, “It’s a long time,” is that of menopause.


Physical disorders such as hot flashes, dizziness, malaise, and insomnia.

He said that he has been suffering from these disorders for seven years already.


If you are suffering from menopause now, you may not understand what I am saying.


Because I think that menopause = menopause.


But look at the people around you of the same age.

Is the person suffering like you?


He may be such a person.


“Why is that person so fine even though he is of the same age?”

There should be some people.


Menopause is unavoidable, especially for women.

However, the reality is that many people do not suffer from menopause to varying degrees.


Inevitable menopause, but menopause can be improved.


What exactly is menopause?


This is my way of thinking.

Menopause is the total settlement of life up to that point.

It makes it difficult to wash the deficits and surpluses until the menopause.


Settle the accounts of how you have thought and acted in your life up to that point.


In this blog, I will explain with the familiar borderline theory.


The line where symptoms appear is 100.

Symptoms do not appear until 99.


And the damage received during the menopause is 30.


If you are around 80 before the menopause, 30 damage will be added with the menopause, so the total number will be 110, so you will suffer from dizziness and hot flashes.


However, if it was around 60 before the menopause, it will only be 90 even after the menopause, so there will be no problems.


In other words, this number is “physical condition.”


The point is how well you can reach the menopause.


“Then it’s too late for me, who is already suffering from the painful symptoms of menopause?”



That’s not true.


If the number jumps to 110 during the menopause, all you have to do is steadily reduce it to 99 or less.


The point is that it is possible to improve menopausal disorders such as dizziness and hot flashes if you feel better even after entering the menopause.


An example of how to get better

Drink plenty of water
Improve your posture
Chew well and eat
Wheat modestly
Walk a lot
Get regular spine correction

Etc. are recommended.


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