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Can chronic fatigue be cured with supplements?

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A person complaining of chronic fatigue came to the hospital.


He said that he is doing various things to improve chronic fatigue as much as possible.


One of them was to take supplements.


Frequently asked questions

“Does the supplement work?”

Will be asked.


Are supplements really effective?




Can chronic fatigue be cured by supplements?


Supplements are foods.

It’s not a medicine.


Therefore, just because you drank it does not mean that it will be effective immediately.

The only thing that is effective immediately after taking it is medicine.


Since supplements are foods, their effects are not known unless they are taken for a long period of time.


Then, does the effect appear if it is taken in the long term?

That said, I’m not sure.


It is an opinion from a certain direction that zinc is good because it is chronic fatigue, and that multivitamins are easy to get rid of fatigue, and it is not known until you continue to take it whether it is really a nutrient that the person lacks.


It seems to me that it’s as if a missing piece of the puzzle was accidentally found and fits perfectly into that missing piece.


Expecting a coincidence is not probabilistically high.


As this person did not improve with supplements, as you can see from the visit to our hospital, it was not effective as a result.



In my opinion, to improve the status quo, it is more effective not to do what you are doing than to add something.


More specifically, it’s quicker to discover and stop the bad habits you’re doing than to work on new habits such as supplements.



What is the bad habit of repeating chronic fatigue?


It’s familiar to anyone reading this blog

Sofa armrest pillow



There are surprisingly many people who have this habit, and to those who do this, I

“There is a lot of harm and no profit!”

I’m telling you to stop right now.


This habit extremely distorts the thoracic spine No. 1, which has the autonomic nerves of the heart.


As a result, it is effective enough to develop chronic fatigue and anxiety, and eventually autonomic imbalance such as panic disorder and depression.


It’s a much worse habit than you think.


Stop from this moment now!


“But I just fall asleep …”

Please lie down sideways from the beginning.


Surprisingly, the spine is rarely distorted when sleeping sideways.


Even if you use the cushion as a pillow, you will not feel sick.


When you are tired, sleep sideways.


It is easy to get tired because the spine is distorted.

Correcting the spine and keeping a good posture will improve chronic fatigue in the shortest possible time.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital

About good posture


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