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Can you do mental work at home? !!

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“I’ve been sick since I started working from home.”


It is not uncommon nowadays to say that.

It is unique to this time.



“I don’t have to commute to work and I don’t have to take a crowded train, so maybe I’m feeling better?”

You might say.


But unfortunately, there are many people who have been sick since the start of home work.


Why is home work bad for you?




Reasons why you can do mental work at home

Part ① Do not walk


Has the amount of walking decreased since you started working from home?


“Oh, sure”

“Because I’m out of commuting”

“There is no movement within the company.”


Some say they didn’t leave the house all day long.

I didn’t walk that much.



“What does walking have to do with being mentally done?”

Will say.


Actually, I use my muscles by walking every day for a certain period of time.

When you use your muscles, calming hormones are released into your body.


By walking, you have been healed without your knowledge.


It was almost gone.





“I didn’t leave the house all day”

Let’s get rid of things positively.


Please walk to the station during your commute, or go out to eat out during your lunch break.


If you live in an apartment, you can climb the stairs instead of using the elevator.


By the way, I live on the 13th floor, but I climb the stairs every day.




Reasons why you can do mental work at home

(2) The desk and chair do not match


It’s like I started self-employed because I didn’t want to commute, so I thought I was lucky to work from home, but sometimes


“I’m glad I worked from home.”

When you talk to

“No, it’s easier for the company!”

I am surprised to hear that.


When I listened to him often, he said, “It’s easier to have a desk and chair in the office.”


At home, I use dining tables and chairs, so it was tough.


“Does the chair and table just not fit and affect my mentality?”



Of course it!

I answer with confidence.


You can do a batch remental just by using a desk and chair that don’t fit every day.


I think many people feel that mentality is the brain.


However, it is influenced not only by the brain but also by the autonomic nerves.

What is the autonomic nerve?


The autonomic nerve is the spine.

The reason is that the autonomic nerves are in the spine.


If you use a desk and chair that do not fit for a long time, your posture will get worse.

Then the spine will gradually distort.


Then, the autonomic nerves inside gradually worsen and become ataxia.


If that condition continues, you will fall into autonomic imbalances such as anxiety, panic disorder, and depression.





If you can afford it, buy a desk and chair for desk work.


If you don’t, at least put your computer stand under your computer so that you can work without looking down.


If you are in trouble now, we recommend that you have your spine straightened.

Early improvement is possible.


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