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The secret technique “walking” that prepares the autonomic nerves!

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Are you all walking?


Writing “walking” is specialized, isn’t it?

The point is walking.


“Oh, walking”

“I’m doing”

I think there are many people who say that.


When I talk about walking, I get a lot of questions.

This time I will give the answer to that question.



Frequently asked questions about walking

(1) Is walking too much bad for your health?



This is a well-known term often used by doctors and professionals (although I don’t know what profession they are).


“Walking too much is bad for your health.”


This word is so famous that it is transmitted to many people in various places by walking alone.


“Walking too much is bad for your health.”


I tried to say it again persistently lol.

Is this true?


On the contrary, it is a question.

Are there any “people who got worse by walking too much” around you?


“My mother had a pain in her knee when she was walking.”

Some people will say that.


But ask that person.

“How long have you been walking?”


“About 30 minutes every day”

If you answer, it doesn’t mean that you walked too much and it got worse.


The person originally had a bad knee, so even a short distance caused knee pain.


No one around me, including the patient, got worse by walking too much.


My dad is now 86 years old and walks for 3 hours every day.

He still thinks it’s training because he climbs mountains and he’s walking.

He wants to be an apprentice.


But I’ve never walked too much and something went wrong.

Rather, it is overwhelmingly healthier than people of the same age.


If you say the answer

You can’t go crazy by walking too much!


I mean, the people who ask this question aren’t the ones who walk for an hour or two every day, but most of them haven’t walked at all.


Don’t worry about walking too much before walking, it’s okay, so let’s walk for the time being (^^)

If you walk too much and get worse, think about it then!



Frequently asked questions about walking

(2) Is it the number of steps? Is it time?


everyone is

“There were 5000 steps”

“There were 8000 steps”

Is called.


Most people manage their walking by step count.


This number of steps is generally widespread because it is easy to manage with a pedometer.

However, my recommendation is “time”.


This is because the condition of the pelvis and spine depends on time, not on the number of steps.


There is lubricating oil between the pelvis and spine.

This lubricant comes out by the time you walk, not the number of steps.


More specifically, if you walk for 30 minutes or more continuously, lubricating oil will come out.

Not the distance.


Therefore, it is effective to walk for at least 30 minutes in a row instead of the number of steps.


This is based on empirical medicine rather than medical, so it may not come out even if you look it up, but there are various theories in the world, so please try it for yourself.



“Oh, that’s right!”

If you feel it, please continue.


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