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Is dizziness related to the semicircular canals?

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“I went to the hospital because of dizziness, but I was told that there was nothing wrong with it.”


This is a story I often hear.


What do you do when you feel dizzy?

First of all, you should have an examination at the hospital.


And as a result, what many people say

“No abnormality”



Sometimes I’m told

“The shape of the otolith is bad. Is this the cause?”

However, please ask this.

“Teacher, why is it so bad?”


“Is it born?”

It is said that.


At first glance it seems to be the correct answer, but isn’t this strange?


If I was born, I could have had dizziness since I was a child, but I have had dizziness recently.


Does that mean that the shape of the otolith is not directly related to dizziness?



Is dizziness related to the semicircular canals?


Isn’t dizziness related to the semicircular canals?

I will think.


Vertigo and semicircular canals …


Of course there is a relationship.


However, it seems that the shape of the bone and the thinness of the tube, which can be examined by X-ray or MRI, have little to do with it.


In clinical experience, I believe that levels of lymphatic flow that are not visible to the eye are involved in dizziness.


The otoliths are floating in the lymph.

The shape of the otolith is not very important, but the condition of the otolith is related to dizziness.


Otoliths are directly affected by lymphatic flow, so dizziness occurs when lymphatic flow is impaired.


X-rays and MRI may not tell you about this lymphatic flow.



What is the cause of dizziness?


So why does the lymphatic flow in the ear slow down?


As one of the major causes

Straight neck

there is.


A straight neck is a state in which the neck is straightened like a stick.

The point is that the neck is stretched and lengthened.


There are blood vessels in the neck.

When the neck is stretched, this blood vessel is pulled a little.


Imagine with a rubber hose.

If you pull it, the tube will become thinner.


The same thing happens with blood vessels in the neck.

When blood vessels become thin, blood flow deteriorates.


Lymphatic flow in the ear depends on blood flow from the neck.


As a result, the condition of the otolith is also affected, causing dizziness.



How to cure a straight neck


Don’t look down
Spend a good posture
Use the pillow that suits you

How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).

Straightening the spine and keeping good posture will improve dizziness in the shortest possible time.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital


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