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Stomach pain … Udon? ??

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“I have a stomachache recently after eating …”


When I touched the part with that person’s stomach, it was taut.


When I heard the story, this person had been working on his own because his stomach was sick.


that is

Eat udon

It was a thing.


“Isn’t eating udon good for digestion?”

You would say.


When I was a kid, when I had a cold or had no appetite, my mother softened the porridge and udon noodles and let me eat them.


Udon is good for digestion!

The image is imprinted on us.


However, the stomach of this person who believes that udon is good for digestion and eats it is getting worse.

What does this mean?




Stomach pain … Udon.

The reason is ①


What is the relationship between udon and stomach pain?


that is

Don’t chew too much

It is a thing.


“Isn’t it okay to chew softly boiled udon?”

I think most people say that.


You may think that you don’t have to chew porridge as well.


Certainly, softened udon noodles don’t have to be chewed too much.

It’s originally soft.


This is the reason why eating udon makes my stomach hurt.


Do you understand the act of chewing?


“Isn’t it chewing food?”

I think most people understand.


To be sure, chewing food is also chewing.


However, there is another major role of chewing.


that is

Mixing saliva and food



The act of chewing involves taking in food, which is a mixture of foreign food and saliva, which is one’s own cells, into the body as part of one’s own cells.


If you swallow it as it is without chewing it because it is soft, you will have to fight alone with food that has a foreign body in your stomach.


If the condition continues for a long time, the stomach will become tired and eventually the stomach will start to hurt.


Even soft foods must be chewed and eaten.


Chew and eat at least 20 times.




Stomach pain … Udon.

The reason is ②


As I often tell you in this blog, eating too much wheat can make your stomach very tired.


That’s because wheat is an allergen for many of us Japanese.


The gastrointestinal tract of people who eat a lot of bread and pasta is very tired.

Wheat products should be moderate.



“Udon is udon flour, so it doesn’t matter, right?”

There is a person who says.


In Japan, there are terms such as udon flour and meriken flour, but these refer to wheat flour.


Udon flour refers to medium-strength flour, which is wheat flour.


It is natural for those who know it, but it seems that some people do not know it, so I will inform you just in case.


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