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Postpartum depression, people who can’t be

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Some people get sick after giving birth.

Some people get sick and get depressed.


As a man, I don’t know, but childbirth is definitely an important part of life.


Some people will get sick.

But what was the problem with people who suffered from postpartum depression?


Most people are rejuvenated shortly after giving birth.

Mom is strong, isn’t she?


But some people get depressed.


What is the difference between those who become depressed after childbirth and those who do not?




Postpartum depression, people who can’t be


The difference is before giving birth.


“I wasn’t depressed before giving birth, though.”

You may say.


Certainly, I don’t think that postpartum depression did not mean that I was depressed before giving birth.


Of course, most people worked normally before becoming pregnant.


So why is he just me when he’s fine?


It is natural to wonder.


I first stated that “childbirth is an important part of life.”

Since you create a life that is not yours from your stomach, you will be extremely deprived of your physical strength.


In this blog, I will explain with the familiar borderline theory.


The borderline that causes depression is 100.

Even if various damages are accumulated, depression does not occur up to 99 points, but it is assumed that depression will occur at that time when 100 points are accumulated.


The damage received by experiencing the important thing of childbirth is 20 points.


If you are usually around 60 points, even if you add 20 points for childbirth, it will only be 80 points, so you will not get depressed.


However, if you are around 90 points, if you add 20 points for childbirth, you will get 110 points and you will have postpartum depression.


In other words, this point is physical condition.

If you are in good physical condition before giving birth, you will not feel depressed, and if you are not in good physical condition before giving birth, you may become depressed after giving birth.


“Then, what can I do if I’m depressed after giving birth?”



it’s not.


You just have to reduce 110 points to 99 points or less.


The first thing that a person with postpartum depression must cure is “posture.”


The reason is that during pregnancy you get hungry and gain weight.

However, it does not mean that muscle mass will increase significantly.


Then I can’t stand it and my posture gets worse and worse.

Then, the spine containing the autonomic nerves, which is the source of energy, is distorted.


People who became depressed after childbirth should have had problems with their posture in the first place, which became even worse during pregnancy.


How to take a good posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Bend the spine by squeezing the muscles on either side of the spine just above the palm of your hand (I think your spine is probably protruding, but this spine is inherently warped. It is).

My recommendation is to have your spine straightened first and then take a good posture.


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