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Depression and wheat

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Depression and wheat


“what’s that”

It’s like that.


But depression and wheat have a certain relationship.


Depression is a mental illness.

The mental illness of depression and wheat are closely related.



What is the close relationship between depression and wheat?


I noticed this relationship a few years ago.


It was when I checked the stomach of a depressed person.



“It’s really tight”

I felt that I pushed my stomach a little.


“It hurts!”


Said the person so much.


I wondered why I was so hungry, but did it happen? At that time, I had you go home as it was.


When I touched the stomach of a depressed person who was different from that person on another day, I was very hungry.

It hurts very much when I press it.


I noticed that most depressed people are hungry.


So for those who are hungry

“What do you eat every day?”


“What do you like about food?”

I heard that most people

“It’s pasta”

“It’s bread”

“It’s udon”

I found that I was eating a lot of wheat.



“I’m so hungry because I’m eating a lot of wheat.”

I was convinced.


Wheat seems to be a food that requires a lot of effort for digestion and absorption for us Japanese.


If you eat a lot of wheat every day, your intestines will have to work very hard and you will get tired.


The intestine is also involved in mental things, as it is called the second brain.

In fact, most depressed people are hungry.


If the intestines are chronically tired by eating wheat, nothing can be cured.


“I’m not allergic to wheat”

Is often said.


This is my opinion, but many people find that wheat is a burden on their intestines, even if they are not diagnosed with wheat allergies by hospital tests.


There are almost no rice allergies, but considering that wheat allergies are not uncommon, we Japanese can say that wheat is an allergen.


So shouldn’t we eat wheat at all?


Cutting wheat is quite a hurdle, isn’t it?

Many wheat products are already in our lives.


Stop every morning every day


Bread every morning.

Please do it every other day.


If you eat every day, you will get allergens in your stomach before you get rid of your intestinal fatigue, so your intestines will gradually get tired.


Since it was bread yesterday, please use natto for rice for breakfast today.


If you halve the amount of wheat you eat, the next week

“I feel more hungry than last week.”

The next week

You will be able to say, “Your tension has decreased again.”


Then, the state of depression will gradually improve in proportion to it.


Simultaneous reduction of wheat and spinal correction will improve depression in the shortest possible time.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital


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