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What is the relationship between depression and water?

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Depression is said to be a mental illness.


Therefore, the main treatment is treatment with stabilizers and anxiolytics in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry.

Sometimes I get counseling, but I don’t think I can get much in Japan.


However, the current situation is that it is not very effective.

The medicine doesn’t work, it works but it’s temporary, and even if it works, if you don’t take the medicine, you will get depressed again.


It’s hard to get to the point of “curing”.


How can depression improve?




How to improve depression

Water intake


“What is the relationship between treating depression and water?”

“The doctor hasn’t told me anything.”

Most people will say.


Drink water to treat depression!

There are no doctors, books, or the internet that complain loudly.

Some may say that, but there are only a few.


But think about it.

About 70% of the human body is made up of water.

What do you think if the 70% water condition is dirty and bad?


“Something is bad for you”

You should feel.


In the world, blood is smooth and blood is clean! There are information programs such as “Food” and “Exercise” in most of the programs.


But most of the blood is water.

Even if you neglect most of them and change the food, the effect will be less than half.




The true meaning of consuming water


If you write so far

“If you want to clean the inside of your body, natto is also good, isn’t it?”

You may say.


However, as mentioned above, 70% of the body is water.

Improving the water condition is the shortest route to good health.


Even if you are satisfied with it, 70% of the water is not easily cleaned.


So what should I do?


To clean the water in your body, you should drink a lot of water.


And you just have to put out a lot of pee.


For those who are complaining of depression or upset

“How much water do you drink?”

When asked

“I think it’s about 500 ml …”

Some people do not take it surprisingly.


What do you get water for?

This is to make urine.


What is urine is that it removes waste products from the body.


Producing a lot of urine means excreting a lot of waste products in the body.

That’s why you drink water.


As mentioned above, the water content of the human body is 70%.

Below this, normal life activities will not be possible.


Then, it does not make urine because it does not drain water from the body.


Then, the old water will fill the body without new water coming in.

In this state, if you compare it with a car, you haven’t changed the engine oil for a long time.


If the engine oil is old, there is nothing good about fuel efficiency, dirty exhaust gas, odor, or damage to the engine itself. ,


It is the same thing that you cannot make urine and do not discharge waste products.


There is nothing good about getting tired easily, not feeling refreshed even when sleeping, or feeling weak.


So what should I drink?


My recommendation is plain hot water.


I have to drink a lot, so cold food is NG.

Depression gets worse when you cool down.


How much should I drink?


There are various theories, but I think it’s easy to understand by weight.


Weight ✖️ 35ml

Please calculate with.


I’m 65 kg 35 ml, so it’s a little less than 2 liters.

Divide this into morning and afternoon.


It’s like 1 liter in the morning and 1 liter in the afternoon.


Please also measure the cup you use all the time.

My cup is 200ml.

Drink 2 glasses when you wake up, drink 2 glasses during work

Drink a glass before noon …

This is 1 liter.


Please do not overdo it like this.


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