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Palpitations when angry … The difference between scolding when angry

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“When I get angry, I get palpitations and suffer.”

“I have to be careful of my children …”


People with palpitations get palpitations when they get angry and their hearts beat.


“Screaming instead of getting angry”


It is a word that is often said at home and at work.

It’s not about saying things with emotions, it’s just about paying attention to the current situation.


“Easy to say, difficult to do”


It’s quite difficult, isn’t it?

I think most mothers don’t care about that, especially when they blame their children for their behavior.




What is the difference between scolding when you get angry?


As I mentioned earlier, isn’t it the biggest difference between being emotional and not?


Don’t be emotional.

Can you do this after all?


When I was irritated, when I clicked, when I felt sad …

How peaceful can we live if we can suppress this feeling and make a statement to others?


This blog is not a blog that says to train your mentality, so I’m sure there are other ways to do it, so please check it out.


Here, I would like to tell you the physical difference between being angry and scolding.




What is the physical difference between scolding when angry?



that is

Whether the chin is raised



The chin of an angry person is raised.


“Is that so?”

You may think, but on the contrary, pull your chin and try to get angry.


I can’t make a loud voice, and I can’t make any angry feelings in front of me.


I’ll tell this guy my story!

The person who says is the one who comes to the front.

Few people can pull their chin at that time.


Imagine when a cat gets angry.

“Shah !!”

When I’m doing it, my chin is raised without facing down.


But at that time, try pulling your chin.

Unexpectedly, you can be calm.


It is difficult to control emotions with mental power, but it is not so difficult to control emotions by using the body.



Another reason to pull your chin


that is

If you raise your chin, you will easily get palpitations.



By pulling the jaw, the burden on the thoracic vertebra No. 1 where the autonomic nerves of the heart are coming out is reduced, so palpitation is reduced.



For those who don’t want to get angry


That being said, don’t you really want to practice “scolding instead of getting angry”?

Getting angry makes each other tired.


In such a case

“Oh, palpitation is coming out. I’m angry now.”

Please be aware of it.


You can’t immediately switch to scolding for anger, but start by being aware of it.


You will be able to interact with your children and subordinates without getting angry.


Straightening the spine and keeping good posture will improve palpitation in the shortest possible time.



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