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Panic disorder and chin lift

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Are you suffering from panic disorder now?


“I continue to take the stabilizer given at the hospital seriously, but it doesn’t change …”

“I’m worried about having a panic attack every day …”


Look in the mirror.


Is your chin raised?


“Oh, it’s up”

If you feel that, pull your chin right away.

Isn’t the area around your chest a little refreshing?


When the jaw is raised, the thoracic spine, where the autonomic nerves of the heart are exposed, is the most strained, so palpitation and chest pain are more likely to occur.


Even with such a simple thing, panic disorder will improve.


So why does the chin go up?




Why your chin goes up

That ① just a habit


For those with a raised chin

“Please pull your chin”

And tell

“Eh! I didn’t notice”

Most people say that.


Perhaps it was normal for my chin to rise since I was a kid.


In this case, if you take it easy, your chin will rise.

It is very difficult to get a person without any symptoms to cure this habit.


But if you are suffering from a panic disorder, do this.


If you feel like you’re about to have a panic attack, try to pull your chin.

It’s one way to get into the habit of pulling your chin, so give it a try.



Why your chin goes up

(2) The pelvis has fallen behind


The chin rise may be due to other things.

That is the pelvis.


What if the pelvis falls back?

The upper body also falls behind.

If you can lean on the backrest as it is, there is no problem.


But if you’re doing desk work or something, you can’t just sleep.

Then balance it forward so that you don’t tilt your head back.

Then the neck will come out.


The state at this time is the chin up.


In this case, if you pull only the chin while leaving the pelvis in the same condition, it will become a double chin and it will be more difficult.


First, let’s raise the pelvis.

Then the neck that comes out in front moves to the back.

Then the chin will automatically be pulled.




Why your chin goes up

Part ③ Ptosis


Ptosis is a condition in which the eyelids are lowered due to aging or some other reason.


Since the muscles that open the eyelids are weakened, wrinkles on the forehead may appear to assist it with the muscles on the forehead, and it may be difficult to open the eyes in the evening.


It is also a feature to raise your chin and look at things because you cannot open your eyelids too wide.


In this case, it is necessary to go to the hospital as soon as possible to get a correct diagnosis and receive treatment such as surgery.


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