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How to treat depression

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Generally speaking, the treatment of depression is medication in psychosomatic medicine and psychiatry.


It will be treated with stabilizers and anxiolytics.

I think that the person who arrived at this homepage has already been treated with stabilizers and anxiolytics.


And because I had some anxiety, I was looking at the homepage of our hospital, which is a manipulative clinic.


The main reason is

Is it okay to take stabilizers and anxiolytics as they are?
Isn’t this medicine harmful?
In the first place, I don’t feel much effect even if I take medicine …
Isn’t it?


Many people who are suffering from such depression visit our hospital.

You are not the only one who is worried.


Stabilizers and anxiolytics are nationally licensed medicines, so they are not as bad as you might worry.


However, it is also a fact that it is not a medicine that cures depression fundamentally.

The reason is that depression is not an illness

Because it is autonomic imbalance.

* Excluding some


The illness is cured at the hospital.

Autonomic dysfunction is cured at a specialized treatment center that handles it.


What is autonomic imbalance, including depression?


The autonomic nerve consists of the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve.

Autonomic imbalance is a condition in which the balance between these two nerves is lost.


Various methods have been proposed in the world to balance these two autonomic nerves.


Breathing method


These are also effective, but it will take some time to improve depression.


The fastest and most effective

Spine correction



The reason why I can affirm such a thing is that it is related to where the autonomic nerves are.


Lesser known is the autonomic nerves in the spine.


that’s why

Spine = autonomic nerve

It can also be said.


If you correct the spine and straighten the spine, the autonomic nerves inside will be adjusted early.

“If the container is good, the contents are also good.”


Keeping that good condition by living in a good posture will improve depression much faster than general treatments.


After that, if you do the above yoga, breathing, walking, affirmation, stretching, exercise, etc.


“Something easier than usual”

And the autonomic nerves are even more organized.


Recommended as an order

1. Get the spine corrected

2. After that, keep a good posture

3. And try to prepare various autonomic nerves

It will be in the order of.


“When should I stop using stabilizers?”

Please consult your doctor first.


The doctor

“You can reduce it at your own discretion.”


“Let’s reduce it step by step”

If you say that, we will consult with you.


Let’s do our best to get out of depression together!




院長 宮島信広