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How to improve tendonitis that is too unexpected

“My thumb often hurts. What is this?”


Was asked.

“This is tendonitis.”

“Should I go to the hospital?”

“No, it’s okay here.”


Tenosynovitis is not so difficult to cure once you know what it will hurt.


How to improve tendonitis that is too unexpected


This person doesn’t go shopping very often, so he seems to do a lot of shopping at once.


He seems to go home with two shopping bags on his hands and elbows.

After that, when I go home, my thumb hurts.


The best way to improve this person’s tendonitis is …


that is

Allow shopping bags to be hung on the shoulder

It is a thing.


He had tendonitis because he was putting a lot of strain on his fingers by hanging a heavy shopping bag in his hand.


Speaking of treatment for tendonitis, hand massage, ultrasound, hot bath treatment, and in some cases surgery may be performed.


But what do you think if you just buy an eco bag so that you can hang your shopping bag over your shoulder and it will be much better than usual?


It’s too surprising, but it can be much better with just a few changes in your way of life.



I would like to introduce another person.


“Because of tendonitis, when I went to orthopedic surgery, the doctor said,’Since there are three tendons on this finger, it’s okay to cut one, so let’s have surgery.’ What do you think?”


I was asked.


I told him that it doesn’t make sense to say that it’s okay to cut one because there are three, and recommended treatment at our hospital.


“What is the most painful time?”

“It’s time to pick clothespins.”



How to improve tendonitis that is too unexpected



The method is

Pick the clothespin with your little finger and ring finger

That is.


It hurts when you use your thumb, so you can use another finger, but with your index finger, you get pain because you are using the same nerves.


The little finger and ring finger use different nerves, so pain is less likely to occur.


Use your palm, little finger and ring finger to pick the clothespin.


However, if possible, pick the clothespin with your hand that doesn’t hurt.


And another important thing

Do not pick



“Hmm? I heard that earlier.”


It is different.

It’s not a clothespin.


For example, don’t pick up a towel that has fallen.


The nerves in the thumb cause pain when pinched from above.


Grab the bag from above.

Lift the apple from above.

Take the tissue from above.

Grasp the frying pan from above and operate it.



To tell the truth, most of the details of life are picked up and grasped from above.


So what should I do?

Please scoop up from the bottom.


Do not pick up the towels that have fallen, but scoop them up.

Please scoop up the apples as well.

Lift the bag with your palm up.

Grab the frying pan with your palm up.


If you do this for at least two weeks, your tendonitis will go away without surgery.


Please try it.


院長 宮島信広