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How to cure panic disorder by using your body

Speaking of panic disorder, it is usual to go to psychosomatic medicine or psychiatry and treat with stabilizers and anxiolytics.


However, isn’t it the current situation that even if you go to psychosomatic medicine or psychiatry, it will not be easier?


What exactly is panic disorder?


Panic disorder is not a disease.

Panic disorder is one of the autonomic imbalances.


Having lived for a long time with my autonomic nervous system dysfunctional, I had a panic disorder.


So why did the autonomic nervous system go astray?


It’s because of bad lifestyle.

Your physical condition now is made up of the accumulation of lifestyles from the past to the present.


These days, diseases such as diabetes and high blood pressure are called “lifestyle-related diseases”.


Panic disorder is not a disease, but it is a lifestyle-related disease.


If you have diabetes, you have to be careful about food and drink.

High blood pressure strengthens muscles and generally reduces salt intake.


There are some points to be aware of in your life with panic disorder.


If you pay attention to it, you will not suffer from panic disorder in the future.




How to cure panic disorder by using your body

(1) Make your back “good”



It’s about living with your back straight.

Specifically, please do this.

Place your palm on your hips.
Apply force to the muscles next to the spine so that the spine just above the palm is bent.

This alone will improve your panic disorder.


“Is this all?”


You will think.


In fact, if you bend it, the spine will be in order and the thoracic spine, where the autonomic nerves of the heart are exposed, will be the best.


Panic disorder is an autonomic imbalance of the heart, so if the thoracic spine is the best, it will improve naturally.




How to cure panic disorder by using your body

(2) Do not bend your hips even a millimeter


If you stretch your back in (1), the warp of your lower back will be normal.


Please live in that normal state.


It’s okay to stand and sit as long as you put a lot of effort into it.

But most of the work doesn’t end there.


Sometimes I bend forward and sometimes I pick up things underneath.


The important thing at that time

Do not bend your hips even a millimeter

It is a thing.


It is like this.


Most people curl their backs and hips and bend forward.

If you keep doing that, you will get sick.



Mothers who hold small children will not get sick if they are careful about this.


“I can’t do that because my child is heavy.”

For those who say, please try just the “good” in (1).


If you do this alone, the panic attack will go away.


Please continue for at least one month.

It will be better than I expected.


For people with severe panic attacks, spinal correction is a shortcut for improvement.

About the correction method DRT of our hospital


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