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What are the three clauses of good sleep?

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Do you know the three things of good sleep?


“Is it a cold foot fever?”


You used to say that, right?

Recently, it seems to be the theory that it is easier to sleep because the core body temperature drops when the feet are cold.


Well, the theory changes with the times, so …

By the way, I wake up in the middle of the night when my feet are cold.


The three good sleeps I’m telling you here are from my clinical experience.


I’ve seen up close how sleeplessness improves, so it’s easy to get results.




Three good sleeps

Part 1 Chew 30 times a bite and eat


People with sleep problems have certain characteristics.

that is

I’m hungry

That is.


The reason why being hungry affects the quality of sleep is that the intestines are the second brain.


I’ve heard that protists don’t have a brain and think and act in the intestines.

Some literature states that the intestine may be the first brain.


That’s how close the intestines and sleep are.


The reason why the intestines are stretched is to eat without chewing too much.


Please chew 30 times a bite and eat.

Doing so will reduce the strain on your intestines, improve your abdominal tension and improve your sleep quality.



Three good sleeps

Part 2 Reduce wheat


He said that bloating is related to sleep quality.


There is another habit that is common to those who are hungry.

that is

I’m eating a lot of wheat

That is.


Wheat is an “allergen” for us Japanese, although it may not be the case for Italians.

In my clinical experience, more or less most people are adversely affected by wheat.


“I love bread”

“Bread every morning”

“Once a day is pasta or bread.”

The stomach of the person who says is very hungry.


It seems that it takes a lot of effort to digest wheat, and the intestines get tired.


“Let’s stop wheat”

I don’t say that, but please stop “every day”.


Try rice and eggs in the morning, or just as easy soba if you don’t have the time and want to make pasta.



Three good sleeps

③ Improve your posture


I mentioned that sleep quality is related to bloating, but there is another thing that is closely related.


It’s an autonomic nerve.


The quality of sleep also depends on the state of the autonomic nervous system.


Do you know where the autonomic nerves are?

Autonomic nerves

It’s in the spine.


Therefore, when the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves also deteriorate.


Poor posture is often the reason for the distorted spine.

Please spend your time in good posture.


How to improve your posture

Place your palm on your hips.
Gently press the muscles next to the spine to bend the spine just above the palm of your hand.

Do this without stretching your chest.


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