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Is reflux esophagitis a notification from the brain?

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“Notice from the brain about reflux esophagitis”

What do you think when you hear that?


“I was told by a doctor that I had reflux esophagitis, not by my brain.”

Some would say.


Do you know why reflux esophagitis occurs?


Most symptoms, but not limited to reflux esophagitis, occur inside the body.


It is different from an injury, which is an external stimulus.


Who controls the inside of the body is the “brain”.


“I know that”

“The brain is moving the internal organs and so on.”


That’s right.


But there are times when the brain is out of control.

What do you think your brain does in such a case?


When your brain is out of control, it “notifies” you.


You don’t know what it is.


The announcement is reflux esophagitis.


The brain is giving symptoms such as “I noticed it early!” And “It’s pretty dangerous at this rate!”.


That is why it is “notice from the brain”.


However, most people do not understand the meaning of this “notice”.

Therefore, I have no choice but to go to the hospital and take the prescribed medicine.


However, the current situation is that it is difficult to cure.


That is the content of the notification from the brain

“Go to the hospital early and get some medicine!”

Because it is not.


So what is the meaning of this announcement from the brain?




What is the meaning of the notification from the brain?

(1) Don’t curl your back!


Most people with reflux esophagitis have round backs.

If you stretch your round back, your symptoms will improve a little and you will feel “clean”.


This is the meaning of the notification from the brain.

If you listen carefully to the news from your brain and improve your condition, your brain will

“Oh yeah, that’s it”

It convinces me that it does not cause the symptoms of reflux esophagitis.




What is the meaning of the notification from the brain?

Part 2 Chew well and eat!



People with reflux esophagitis eat fast.

Most people swallow without chewing too much.


This is why you get heartburn after eating, even if you spend your time stretching your back.


Please chew a bite 30 times.


Then the brain

“Yes Yes”

“You chew well!”

It convinces me that I will not get heartburn.


Everything inside the body has some meaning.


Relying on medicine may not be a bad thing,

“Why are you having this symptom?”

Please think.


Everything is decided that the brain needs it.





Do you eat too much cold food?




Taking medicine and changing the symptoms while the symptoms have subsided is also a fundamental solution, so please try it.


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