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The easiest way to cure a headache in the world

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Do you know how to cure a headache?


Headache medicine?

Stiff shoulder massage?




Each has its own effects, but all have only temporary effects.


“I feel refreshed right after that, but after a while, I get a headache again …”

Most people say that.


Some may say that they haven’t had a headache for a week.

It must have been treated by a very skilled healer.


Still, it cannot be said that it has been cured.

What does it mean to be cured?


I define it as “a condition in which you have no symptoms of concern now and are unlikely to occur in the future.”


The important thing is that it is “not temporary”.


So how can you get rid of your headache?



The easiest way to cure a headache in the world

(1) Improve your posture


“Is headache related to posture?”

I think most people say that.


Headaches are a matter of head position.

Headaches are more likely to occur if the head is in front of the body.


“Then, why don’t we pull our head back?”

You might think that the head is protruding forward because the pelvis is tilted backwards.


Even if you say that you should raise your pelvis, it is difficult to understand the feeling and few people can raise their pelvis.


If you don’t know how to raise your pelvis, please refer to the following.


Place your palm on your hips.
Gently apply pressure to the muscles on both sides of the spine so that the spine on the palm of your hand bends.
Only this.


“Isn’t it the pelvis?”


That’s right.

In fact, if you bend this part, you will be able to raise your pelvis naturally.


how is it?

Isn’t it easy?




The easiest way to cure a headache in the world

(2) Do not look down


Just improving your posture will improve your headaches, but in addition, try “do not look down”.


“I can’t help but look down to see my computer.”

Most people say that.


I recommend not “looking down” but “not looking down”.


When looking down, do not bend your neck and look at it.


“I still can’t see my computer”

The position of the personal computer is too low.


Put some kind of stand under the computer and raise the computer by about 5 cm.

With this alone, you can see your computer by lowering your eyes without looking down.


how is it?

It’s easy?


Similarly, raise the position of your smartphone so that it does not face down.

You don’t have to raise it to eye level.


Anyway, if you have a headache, please be careful not to look down.


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