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What is the most effective way to prepare the autonomic nerves?

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What are you doing to get your autonomic nerves in order?


Take a deep breath






While these methods have some effect, they do not cure depression, panic disorder, headaches, dizziness, and other autonomic imbalances in a short period of time.


By the way, do you know what the autonomic nerves are?


“You mean sympathetic nerves and parasympathetic nerves, right?”


that’s right.

Adjusting the balance between the sympathetic nerve and the parasympathetic nerve will adjust the autonomic nerve.


And do you know where the autonomic nerves are?


“What ?! There really is an autonomic nerve!”

Some people say that.


This is from the doctor if there are no abnormalities as a result of various tests at the hospital.

“It’s an autonomic nerve.”

It’s probably because I feel like I’m catching a cloud.


As anyone reading this blog knows, most people don’t know where the autonomic nerves are.

Some people don’t even know if it actually exists, so lol.


The autonomic nerves are in the spine.


To be precise, it comes out of the medulla oblongata under the brain, passes through the spine, and is transmitted to each internal organ.


that’s why

Autonomic nerve = spine

You can also say.


If you understand that the autonomic nerve = the spine, I think you can understand the following.


What is the most effective way to prepare the autonomic nerves?

Have a good posture



When the spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves inside it also become ataxic.

On the contrary, by keeping the spine straight, the autonomic nerves are also directly aligned.


The above-mentioned methods of adjusting the autonomic nerves such as deep breathing and yoga are certainly effective, but these are not direct, and they relax the muscles and exhale for a long time to “indirectly” adjust the autonomic nerves. Therefore, it takes a long time to improve autonomic imbalance.


First of all, please live in a good posture.

Try taking a deep breath, stretching, yoga or walking in that good posture.


“I had been walking for a long time, but after my posture improved, I felt very good while walking.”

There are so many people who say that.



How to take a good posture that can be done easily

Place your palm on your waist
Apply pressure to the muscles next to the spine to bend the spine just above the palm of your hand.
Only this.


“Do I have to stretch my chest?”



Please do not stretch your chest.

I get very tired when I stretch my chest.


Please only take the above posture.




“I can’t feel any effect”

You might say, but if you continue for a week or two

“I feel like something is easy”

“I don’t get tired of returning to a good posture.”

Will come to say.


Continue until you become a habit.


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