Close relationship between smartphones and anxiety|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Close relationship between smartphones and anxiety

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Anxiety is a condition in which anxiety rushes in without meaning every day.


Stabilizers and anxiolytics are prescribed in Japan.

In the United States where health insurance does not work, counseling is available.


Stabilizers and anxiolytics may work.

Of course, there are times when counseling is effective.


But isn’t it true that it’s not effective against all anxiety?


Many such people visit our hospital.


What kind of treatment are you doing to those people?

To do this, you need to understand “why did you have anxiety?”



Why do you get anxiety?


Anxiety is caused by “overlooking below”.


“Looking too far below ??”

I think many people wonder.


Because most things in modern society go down.


Computer work, books, reading, cooking, etc.


Isn’t it the smartphone that has just been operated recently?


I’m using an iPhone, but scrolling from left to right on the home screen gives me some time to operate.

You can see what you are using and how many minutes you are using.


When I see this, I am “amazed”.


“Is this used so much ?!”


In other words, I feel a sense of crisis.

I wonder if I have such a daily relationship with my smartphone …


It may be different for each person, but I think that many people have been associated with smartphones for a long time.



“You should stop dating right now!”

Even so

“Yes, That’s right”

Few people can stop.


“Dad! I love her!”

Please give me guts.


I think it’s better not to stop dating, but to get along well for a long time.




How to get along well with your smartphone for a long time


Use your smartphone so that you don’t look down.


Specifically, I do not say that it is up to the line of sight, but please raise your smartphone as close to the line of sight as possible.


Relatively many women do this.

I think this is because I raise the compact to my eyes and make up.


I think that having that habit is the reason why even when using a smartphone, it is close to the line of sight.


There are no men who have such a habit, so many people are looking directly under their smartphones.


If you look straight down, the thoracic vertebrae No. 1 where the autonomic nerves of the heart are coming out will be distorted, and you will often fall into anxiety.


When the autonomic nerves of the heart deteriorate, the heart weakens.

“Something uneasy”

“Is it alright?”

I feel like that.


This feeling is derived from the heart and cannot be eliminated no matter how famous the counselor is counseling.


Avoiding downwards when using a smartphone will help cure anxiety quickly.


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