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Does it cure tendonitis without healing the arm? !!

“I seem to have tendonitis recently, so I go to a nearby osteopathic clinic.”


They said.


“What kind of treatment do you do at the osteopathic clinic?”

“I put electricity on my arms, massage my arms, and apply ultrasound.”

“How about after that?”

“When I get home, I feel aching for a while and the pain increases.”

I did it with.


Tenosynovitis is literally “tendon inflammation”.

To be precise, it is an inflammation of the sheath that surrounds the tendon.


Inflammation is a condition in which tendons and muscles are damaged and blood is bleeding at an invisible level, or the fever is caused by it.


What would you do if you were inflamed?


For example, what if you sprain your ankle and your joints are swollen and throbbing?


Of course you’ll be at rest, right?

Do you apply electricity, massage, or ultrasound when you are swollen and throbbing?


Of course not.


So why do you do it for tenosynovitis?


That’s because many tendonitis aren’t swollen or feverish.


The thumb that has tendonitis is less likely to swell and fever.


That’s why most people don’t know.

But it’s no wonder why I don’t notice it even though it’s “inflammation” by name.


For this person

“If you feel pain and aching after every treatment, you should stop.”

I advised him to receive my treatment.


That’s right.

I am also good at treating tendonitis!


That said, it just straightens the spine as usual.


What is the relationship between tendonitis and the spine? ??


Most people will think.

Even healers will think so.

Even doctors should think so.


I thought so 10 years ago, so I just massaged my arms.

I don’t do it at all now.


The nerves in the arm come from the spine.

By straightening your spine, you will be able to move better, and while you sleep, the wounds of tendonitis will gradually close and heal.


By repeating this for a few days, the tendonitis will not hurt before you know it.


However, there is a very important note here.


that is

Use it so that it doesn’t hurt

It is a thing.


Tenosynovitis often hurts when you do the following:

When squeezing a cloth
When cutting a hard object with a kitchen knife
When you hold a clothespin
When picking things


The moment you feel “painful!” When you perform these actions, the wound of the tendonitis is widening and worsening.


The reason why tendonitis is hard to cure is that it does not reduce this aggravating factor.


Do not squeeze the cloth and put your weight on it to dehydrate it.
Soften hard objects such as pumpkin in the microwave before cutting.
Clothespins hurt and don’t grip, or use the little and ring fingers
Try to save things without picking them


It is important to use it so that it does not hurt anyway.


If you straighten your spine and maximize your healing power so that it doesn’t hurt, one week later

“It’s much better.”

You can say that.


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