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How to manage a night owl reversal

Many children with orthostatic hypotension come to our hospital.


Children with orthostatic hypotension are unable to wake up in the morning due to hormonal imbalance.


Some children cannot get up until after noon.


Among them, there are some children who have aggravated orthostatic hypotension and have progressed to a day-night reversal.


A child who wakes up after a long time and sleeps at 3 or 4 in the middle of the night.


In some cases, some children sleep after the rising sun and wake up around 5 pm.


In fact, when it comes to a night-owl reversal, it is difficult to reverse it immediately.


The most necessary thing is “the motivation of the person”.


To a child who reverses day and night

“Do you want to get rid of it day and night?”

Some children laughed and didn’t answer anything.


Personally, I think it’s okay as it is.


Because the school is absent so much that I can’t help going back now, studying is delayed in the first place, it’s fun to watch YouTube in the middle of the night, and when I wake up in the daytime, I can spend my time freely without my parents. It’s fun.


No matter what you do, no one will get angry.


Just thinking about it is a “paradise”.


Personally, such a comfortable life cannot be abandoned by anyone.


However, if you spend many years as it is, anyone will understand.


In popular terms now

Become an uncle (aunt) in the children’s room …


I think the key is how much the person can be aware of that sense of crisis.


However, most children only look “immediately”.


“We are looking to get a job in 10 years.”

There are few children.


At best, how to survive the mid-term test next month.

I was.


So what if you couldn’t take that mid-term test?

It was no good …

I want to throw it.


If you try to take the next final exam and you don’t, it’s okay to throw it completely.


But as adults can tell, I just shook the mid-term and final exams.


A child who reverses day and night just feels pitch black in front of her, and can recover as much as she wants.


It requires the efforts of parents.


Please be strict to some extent.

Do not allow smartphones or games to be brought into bed
I spend the same schedule as school while I’m awake. Be sure to finish your homework.
Don’t leave it to your child’s independence! (This is actually the most important)

Many parents and children rely on their child’s independence.


But in other words, “let the child do what he wants”.


We adults start their lives where they have a job and have to wake up in the morning to eat.


What if you win the lottery and get 10 billion yen?


Maybe most people don’t get up at 6am.


The child is in the same state.

Even if you don’t wake up in the morning, your parents will provide you with rice, pay the rent, and provide you with a warm bath.


If you leave it to your independence, there is no reason to wake up in the morning, so choose to sleep slowly until noon.


I’m confident that if I hit 10 billion yen now, I’ll be sleeping until noon.


Parents who want to manage the night-owl reversal should take good care of it.

It’s not “managing” but “managing”.


Please be aware that children cannot manage themselves.

Parents will manage it instead.


Time to sleep, time to wake up, life when awake, time to play games and smartphones.


Maybe some people have a pain in their ears, but if you think about your child’s future, let’s change it now.


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