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What is a good posture to prepare the autonomic nerves?

Is it a good posture to stretch your chest? ❓

Posture improvement is essential for improving autonomic nerves.

That is because the autonomic nerves pass through the spine.


Spine = autonomic nerve

It is no exaggeration to say that.


However, I think that many people have misunderstood the “good posture” that we often say on our blog, so I would like to explain the good posture in detail.



When I hear that it is a good posture, I think of it as a proud posture. For example, isn’t it the attitude of ballroom dancing? It certainly looks really cool, isn’t it?



But my uncle also plays as a competition, but his body is ticking and exhausted.


Originally, a good posture means a posture that does not get tired.



If you are in a bad posture, you will get tired from standing and sitting because of your strength, your shoulders will be stiff, and your lower back will hurt.


That means

Stiff shoulders and back pain are not good posture at some point.



Click here for a video explanation




How to take a good posture.


As shown in the picture, put your hands up and down with your navel in between.

When viewed from the side as shown in this photo, it is a bad posture that the lower hand is too far forward.


As shown in this photo, when viewed from the side, it is a good posture that the lower hand and the upper hand are in the same position.
If you check from directly above, the correct answer is the position where the upper hand hides half of the lower hand.
It is also important to see if you can see your ankles from above while standing.

Do the same when you sit down.

At first, this posture can quickly make you tired or uncomfortable.

But that’s because I had a long bad posture and became a habit.



It can’t be perfect suddenly, but if you keep doing this posture every day, you’ll find that your muscles are strengthened and this posture is easier.



oh dear

“Good posture exercise”

Think of it as being done at work or at home.


“Good posture is easy ~”

“When I was in this position, my shoulders didn’t feel stiff.”

“I don’t have back pain in the evening.”

“Headache has decreased ❗️”

There are also patients in our hospital.

Let’s get a good posture and live a comfortable life ❗️


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