The relationship between dozing and palpitation is actually deep|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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The relationship between dozing and palpitation is actually deep

“Palpitations have been terrible lately …”


“I went to the hospital and took an electrocardiogram, but it was said that there was nothing wrong with it.”


There are unexpectedly many people like this.

Well, if you take an electrocardiogram and find something wrong, it will be difficult.

I’m glad there was nothing wrong with it.


“Even if it is said that there is no abnormality …”

That’s right.


Actually, I’m suffering from palpitation every day, but I don’t want to be told that “you have no problem”.


At the hospital

“No abnormality”

Was said

“You are not sick”

That is.


Palpitations are autonomic imbalances that hospitals cannot handle.


Palpitations is a condition in which the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened for some reason and the function of the heart is impaired.


I have palpitation

Autonomic imbalance of the heart

I call it.


The autonomic nerves of the heart come from the thoracic vertebra No. 1, which is a part of the spine.


When this spine is distorted, the autonomic nerves of the heart also weaken, and as the period becomes longer, the heart itself weakens and palpitation appears.


So how can palpitations be improved?


The quickest way is to “get your spine straightened”.


Since the thoracic vertebrae Ichiban is distorted and the autonomic nerves of the heart are out of order, if the thoracic vertebrae Ichiban is corrected to the normal position, the autonomic nerves of the heart will naturally improve.


In fact, the thoracic spine of a person with palpitation is greatly distorted.


And if you correct it

“Somehow my chest was refreshing”

Will say.


Did this cure the annoying palpitations?


That is not the case.

Because I haven’t solved the problem fundamentally, the palpitation will be restored soon.


What is the fundamental solution to palpitations?


Are you asleep?


At home in the afternoon, I felt better in the pleasant sunshine, and I lifted my head while sitting in a chair.


On my way home from work, when I was sitting on the train, I fell asleep because I was tired.

I affirm.

Palpitations will not heal as long as you do this!

Stop right now!


“But when I sit on the train, I fall asleep before I know it.”

There are many people who say that.


It’s probably unbearable to get sleepy when sitting on the train.

It is comfortable with the effect of 1 / f fluctuation.

The rhythm of the heartbeat when inside the mother’s body.


Please let it go and raise your head to the glass side.

If that doesn’t work, let’s stand.


Now, even people who are not palpitations are getting suffocated when they are taking a nap with their heads raised.



“I’m planning to participate in a marathon next week, but it’s really hard to run.”

I have been consulted with.


When I was listening to the story, I heard that he was commuting to work with his head down on the train.


It seems that if you stop it, it will not be too painful and you will be able to participate in the marathon and finish the race.


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