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Insane relationship between numbness in the legs and pillows

Some people have a hernia in the lower back and have difficulty getting rid of numbness in their legs.


“In orthopedics, it was a hernia between the fifth hip bone and the sacrum.”


Certainly, there was such a feeling of numbness.


Normally, numbness in the legs will be diagnosed as coming from the lower back.


In some cases

“My legs are painful ~”

That’s about to start a leg massage.


Modern medicine (Western medicine) is so particular about “local”.


I asked this person with numbness in his legs.

“When is the most painful numbness in the morning, noon, and night?”


This person’s answer to this is

“It’s the hardest when I wake up in the morning.”

I did it with.


In my experience, there are certain rules for symptoms when the morning is the hardest.


that is

Pillows don’t fit

It is a thing.


If the pillows don’t fit, there is a high probability that you will have symptoms in the morning.


“But do you get numbness in your legs because the pillows don’t fit?”

Most people will say.


Perhaps the same healer would say.

I think doctors say so too.


“Isn’t my leg numb because the pillow doesn’t fit?”

Some people may get angry.


I’m saying that insane thing.


So I think it’s better not to tell others about this.

I think it’s a strange person, so lol


But I say loudly.


The numbness in my legs in the morning comes from the pillows that don’t fit.


Let’s compare it with a rubber hose.


If the faucet has a rubber hose and there isn’t much water coming out of the tip of the rubber hose, what do you do?


First, make sure the faucet is open, right?

And what if the faucet is open?


You’ll probably find where the rubber hose is bent.


The numbness of the legs is the same as that.


The nerves in the legs come out of the head, through the neck, through the back, through the hips, and to the legs.


Do you only look at the tip of the rubber hose just because there is no water coming out of the tip of the rubber hose?


The same is true for numbness in the legs.


It’s ridiculous to look only at the waist and legs because the legs are numb.


It’s natural to get out of your head and find out where you’re doing up to your legs.


And most of the morning numbness in the legs is due to the pillow.


He told me how to make a pillow, and the next day, he said that his leg numbness in the morning had improved a lot.


Here’s how to make a pillow that suits you.

Try sleeping on your usual pillow
I remember that feeling, “It’s like this.”
Fold the hand towel vertically and horizontally once and place it on the part where the neck rests.
If you try to sleep and feel “it’s easy”, the answer is correct.
If you try two or three and feel “easy”, that number is correct.
If the two are correct, put the folded towel in the pillowcase so that it doesn’t slip.

“It’s easy” when you go to bed

When I woke up, “It’s easier than usual”

If so, it’s a pillow that suits you.


Please give it a try.


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