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Back pain is all about how you use your body

Previously at a bookstore

“Don’t bend your hips even a millimeter.”

I saw a line of books with the title.



“This is it!”

I thought.


I was always thinking about how to convey it to those who attend the hospital in an easy-to-understand manner.


That’s right.

“You shouldn’t bend your hips even a millimeter.”


Many people are suffering from back pain and are receiving various treatments.


Massage, orthodontics, stretching, acupuncture, electrotherapy, warming and cooling …


However, isn’t it the fact that the results are hard to come out?


“Since I received that treatment, I have been able to live without back pain.”

I have hardly heard the word.


Occasionally receive treatment from a reputable teacher

“I kept it for two weeks with that teacher’s treatment.”

I hear the story.


I think it’s great to be able to keep it for two weeks.

Probably a god hand.


But after two weeks, I have back pain again.


Why is that? ??


that is

Because the way you use your body doesn’t change

It is.


I’m using my body to get back pain, so no matter what I do, I get back pain.


So how do you use your body to cure your back pain?



Back pain is all about how you use your body

Part ① Do not bend


To be precise, it is “do not bend and bend”.


What many people with back pain do is “bend and bend.”


The waist should not be bent by even a millimeter.


“You can’t bend down without bending!”

Is also said.


Many people with back pain make such a mistake.


The correct way to bend down

Bending your knees and hips and bowing like a bow.

It’s like this!


The waist is not bent by 1 mm.

Instead, it uses the muscles of the thighs and buttocks, which makes me tired.


However, these muscles are the strongest muscles in the human body, so no matter how much you use them in your daily life, they will not break.


Rather, it will be trained by continuing to use it, and it will become stronger and stronger.


On the contrary, what happens if you continue to use your waist?


It is said that 70% of human muscles are the muscles of the buttocks and legs.


That means that there are only 30% of the muscles above the waist.


What if you bend your hips and support your spine with 30% of your muscles?


Weak muscles are exhausted and always tired.


And because the load is directly applied to the hip bone, the intervertebral disc and the bone itself are stressed in the long run, which increases the probability of developing a disease called lumbar hernia or spinal canal stenosis.


To reduce this possibility and cure back pain

“Don’t bend your hips even a millimeter.”

It is.


If you are aware of this, such as when you take things underneath, wash your hands, or throw away trash, you will become “muscle training” each time.


Everyday is muscle training.

Please do your best.


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