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My child quickly gets tired and lays down

“My child gets tired and lays down quickly.”


Was consulted.


“Are you sick?”

“If you’re worried about illness, go to the hospital, but maybe you’re not ill.”


Is this just lazy?


Actually, when I was a kid, I slept well.

Even if I went to my relative’s house, it was in that condition, so I asked my aunt

I remember being surprised when I was told, “I’m always sleeping.”


But I’m not lazy.

There is a reason to get tired and lie down quickly.


that is

Orthostatic hypotension

Because there is a possibility of.


Children with orthostatic hypotension get very tired when sitting or standing.


It will be easier to lie down.


The reason is that blood pressure cannot be regulated well.


When standing, sitting, and sleeping, it regulates the blood pressure of the heart and sends blood to the brain and internal organs.


When you are sleeping, your blood pressure is low because your brain and heart are in the same position so you don’t have to work hard.


When you are sitting or standing, your blood pressure is higher than when you are sleeping because your brain is higher.


Children with orthostatic hypotension cannot make this adjustment well.


You have to raise your blood pressure when you sit or stand, but the blood pressure is the same as when you are sleeping, so you cannot get enough blood to flow to your brain and internal organs.


That’s why sitting or standing makes me very tired.

That’s why I just fall asleep.



How to rejuvenate a child who is tired and lying down quickly?


He said that orthostatic hypotension is caused by the inability to regulate blood pressure.


That means that if you keep your heart healthy, you can solve the problem.


The autonomic nerves of the heart come from the thoracic vertebra No. 1.


This is distorted when facing down.

Please do not look down.


For example, games, smartphones, manga, etc.

Please do not turn down.


The most common is games.

Try building a game console on your desk so that you can play on it.



When it’s not painful, please sit down as much as possible.


When you are sleeping, it becomes commonplace to sleep gradually.


When this becomes commonplace, you often sleep, even if it’s not too hot.


I’m just saving it in bad condition while I’m sleeping.

Moreover, I lose my physical strength and it becomes even more difficult to sit down.


If this is over 70 years old, it will be bedridden.

The only things that can be rested and healed are injuries and colds.


Try to sit down.

If you can sit down, you will not get tired even if you stand up.


How to sit down


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