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Depression and sofa life

Depression and sofa life? ??


what is that? ??


That’s right.

I don’t know.


Depression is not a disease.


I often tell you in this blog,

Depression is the king of autonomic imbalance

It is.


Depressed people have stiff shoulders, low back pain, nausea, dizziness, headaches, poor circulation, loss of appetite, insomnia, anxiety, etc.

I have various symptoms.


That is why he is the king of autonomic imbalance.


This means that I left the bad condition for a long time and various parts got worse, and as a result, various symptoms appeared, but I still did not solve the problem, so I reached depression.


Depression can be said to be the result of long-term autonomic imbalance.


I wonder why I couldn’t get rid of it before I got to depression.


It’s a pin on “depression and sofa life”! I think that anyone who has a chance will understand.


that is

I didn’t improve my lifestyle

It is.


My shoulders are stiff because I have a bad lifestyle.

I get dizzy because I have a bad lifestyle.

I have a headache because I have a bad lifestyle.


And I was depressed because I spent a long time without curing that lifestyle.


Then, what kind of lifestyle was bad?

How to sit



I had a bad posture to sit loosely on the sofa with my hips slipping.


A sofa is a place to sit comfortably.

I’ve never seen a person sitting on the sofa in a good posture.


Most people are sitting sloppy.

If this condition is long, the spine will be distorted.


Inside the spine is the spinal nerve, which is directly connected to the brain.

The autonomic nerve is in this spinal nerve.


that’s why

Spine = autonomic nerve

It is no exaggeration to say that.


Spine strain = autonomic imbalance

But it is also.


By continuing to live on the sofa, the autonomic nerves gradually become ataxic.



How to improve depression


The first is to stop living on the sofa.


“Where are you sitting ?!”

Some would say.


The best is the dining chair.

Sit with your back straight.


“We don’t have a dining chair because we eat rice on the sofa.”

Some people say that.


Sit on the sofa with your back straight.

But as you can see, sitting in a low chair like a sofa and stretching your back is very tiring.


If you are in a depressed and painful situation right now, you should buy a regular chair and sit on it.


Let’s change the way we sit in the office.


Please avoid using the backrest of the chair as much as possible.


I’ve been sitting sloppy on the sofa so far, so I think I’ll get tired at first.

But it just weakened my back muscles because I was sloppy.


If you continue for a week or two, your muscles will be strengthened and you will be able to sit much more comfortably than before.


Then, the number of good days will increase.

Then a better posture will be easier.


Depression seems to have healed once we enter this virtuous circle.



About good posture

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