Difficult to explain and troublesome anxiety|西船橋で鬱、自律神経失調症頭痛、めまい、不眠、いらいらなどでお悩みの方専門整体院

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Difficult to explain and troublesome anxiety

“I’m worried every day and I can’t help it …”


There is a person who says.


When he is listening


“Children …”

“Coronavirus …”


There are things that make me endlessly anxious.


“My friends and family tell me that I shouldn’t worry about it, but I’m worried and can’t help it.”


I would like to talk to my friends and family about this uneasy feeling, but they hardly understand it.


This person will probably be diagnosed with “anxiety” in the hospital.


The other day, when I searched online, I was surprised that many Hollywood stars are suffering from this anxiety.


And most of their treatment was medication and counseling.


This person who came to our hospital was also taking stabilizers.


However, I have not received counseling.

Counseling is not very common in Japan.


Well, I don’t do counseling because I know that this anxiety can be improved by other methods than counseling.


So what is the true nature of anxiety?


that is

Autonomic imbalance of the heart



The autonomic nerves of the heart are out of order, which puts a strain on the heart.


Most people with anxiety have palpitations.

This is because the autonomic nerves of the heart are weakened.


When palpitations come out, a vague “death anxiety” comes out.


This vague horror only flesh out the specific worries of “the company …”, “the child …”, and “the coronavirus …”.


that’s why

“You shouldn’t worry too much”

Even if it is said, it is unreasonable.


Because this anxiety is an autonomic imbalance of the heart.


Therefore, in order to cure anxiety, it is better to improve the autonomic nerves of the heart rather than counseling.



How to improve the autonomic nerves of the heart

(1) Do not use the armrests of the sofa as pillows


What many people with anxiety do is “pillow the armrests on the sofa”.


The autonomic nerves of the heart come out in the thoracic vertebra No. 1, which is one of the spines.


If you put your head on a high place such as the armrest of the sofa, this thoracic vertebra No. 1 will be very burdensome.


If you do this every day, the autonomic nerves of the heart will weaken, palpitation will occur, and you will have anxiety.



How to improve the autonomic nerves of the heart

(2) Do not look down


Modern society is all about looking down.


Watching smartphones, working on a computer, playing games, …


I spend most of the day looking down.


If you look down, it will put a lot of strain on the thoracic vertebrae No. 1, which I explained earlier.

The more you look down, the more likely you are to have anxiety.


Please put a personal computer stand in the personal computer to make it higher.


Some people say, “I raised my 10-centimeter computer and it became a lot easier.”


Please raise your smartphone close to your line of sight.


You can cook by sitting on a dining chair and sitting on the table without looking down too much.


With the above plus spine correction and correct posture, you can improve anxiety at the fastest speed.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital

How to take the correct posture


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