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Where is the head ringing?

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“It’s a little different from tinnitus, it feels like it’s ringing in my head, but where is this ringing?”


Was asked.


Where is the head ringing?

Do you understand


that is,,,


I don’t even know lol.


Most of the time, even if you take an MRI, you can’t find any abnormality in your head as well as your ears.

Nothing is wrong with Western medicine.


I think it’s probably tinnitus that is about the same size in both ears.


Imagine with earphones.

If you put earphones in both ears and listen to music, you can hear the sound right in the middle of both ears.


Speaking of the middle of both ears, it is in the head.


Is this called a head ring? I think.



How to improve head ringing


You don’t have to know where it’s ringing.


The important thing is “how to cure”.


I don’t know if it’s tinnitus or head ringing, but there are things that are most related to the symptoms that occur above the neck.


that is

Straight neck



The main cause of tinnitus, dizziness and headaches is a straight neck.


I don’t know what the head ringing is, but if it’s a symptom above the neck, it’s likely that the straight neck is the main cause.


Healing a straight neck will cure tinnitus, dizziness, and headaches with a high probability.


So how can the straight neck be cured?



How to cure a straight neck

Part ① Smartphone neck


If you look down, the neck will not warp.

However, if you turn to the front immediately after that, the warp will be restored.


However, if you watch YouTube etc. every day for a long time, the warp will not return to the original state even if you facing the front.


The condition becomes a straight neck after days and months.


When looking at your smartphone, do not look down.


Please raise your smartphone as close to your line of sight as possible.


By doing so, the straight neck will improve.



How to cure a straight neck

Part 2 PC stand


What I do more than my smartphone … it’s “work”.


Especially those who are doing desk work tend to have a straight neck.


The desktop doesn’t look down very much, but those who use laptops are much more likely to look down.


Put the computer stand under the computer.

If you can touch-type, you can use a slanted table.


If you don’t want to buy it, put two boxes of tissue side by side.


Some items can be raised or lowered from 5 cm to 40 cm on the net.


If this is the case, you can do standing desk work, so why not give it a try?


The above plus spine correction and keeping good posture will improve the head ringing in the shortest time.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital

How to keep a good posture


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