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Diet tips that don’t bother you at all? !!

When I was watching TV today, the talent JOI

“I am doing my best in muscle training and exercise to maintain the same body shape as in my twenties.”

It said.


Listen to it

“Yeah! It’s amazing!”

For some reason, I made a comment from above.


In my 50s, I actually started muscle training and dieting two years ago.


In the midst of the corona, I was able to go out less often and relax at home more often.


And when I noticed, I was hungry!


“Oh my gar! This is just a fat middle-aged uncle !!”

I felt a sense of crisis and decided to eat less.


Originally, I didn’t eat two meals a day in the morning, but one of them was taken out of carbohydrates such as rice and pasta, and I ate only one carbohydrate in a day.


The biggest enemy of the diet is “hunger”.


I tried a diet that never felt hungry.

Because if you put up with it, it won’t last.


So even if I pulled out the rice and pasta, I was full with other side dishes.

I also ate shredded cabbage with plenty of mayonnaise.


As a result, it has become possible to go on a “diet without patience”.


I used to do this every day, but I didn’t feel hungry at all, so I was on a diet so easily that I forgot that I was on a diet.


As a result, I was on a diet for two years, not for a short period of time.


As for muscle training, I practiced push-ups, abdominal muscles, back muscles, and climbing stairs to the 13th floor every day.


Is this the same as when I was in my twenties? !! !!

Actually, I’m thinner than when I was in my twenties.


I have a lot of muscle mass when I’m young, so …

When I was in my twenties, it was around 76 kg.


The weight has been reduced from 73 kg two years ago to 65 kg now.

Visceral fat is the lowest on the scale.

Body fat is 12%.


I achieved this without any patience.


The trick to this diet is

Eat as much as you like other than rice and pasta (carbohydrates)

It is a thing.


For example, you can eat as much fried chicken as you can without eating rice, or you can make a lot of hamburger steak and eat as much as you can.


You can eat as much as you like, so the point is that you can continue for a long time because you can’t stand it.


At a famous gym, you go on a diet with patience in a short time, so it’s self-evident that after that period, you’ll end up with “Come on! I’ll eat!”.


I’m sure it will rebound even if I do it.


What is important

Don’t stop



We recommend good posture to improve autonomic imbalance.


If you stop taking a good posture just because your autonomic dysfunction has healed, you will suffer from autonomic dysfunction again.


What is important

Keeping the habit of getting better



It’s the same with dieting and autonomic imbalance.


About the correction method DRT of our hospital

About good posture


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