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Can spinal stenosis be cured?

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Spinal stenosis is a condition in which the ligaments, intervertebral discs, and bones of the spine become thickened or deformed, narrowing the spinal canal through which the spinal nerves pass, causing pain and numbness in the lower back and legs.

It is a disease that occurs in relatively elderly people.


Since it involves deformation, in many cases treatment such as surgery is performed.


In fact, three months ago, her mother had severe pain in her lower back and legs that made it difficult for her to turn over in bed.


I asked for surgery

“Hey surgery…”

I came back after being told by the doctor that I wouldn’t recommend it.


Surgery is not a panacea, and some people do not get rid of pain even after surgery.

In addition, she must have taken into consideration that her mother was over 80 years old.


So, although it takes about an hour and a half each way, I decided to go to the doctor every week.

What I do is straighten my spine and improve my daily habits.


“But spinal stenosis is deformed, right?”

“Will that heal the deformity of the bones?”

You may wonder.


The treatment goes back and forth, gets better, gets worse,,,

But after two months

“Today I can roll over normally.”

“I can now walk around the house without pain.”

I’m starting to say.



“Did the deformity heal?!”

You may be surprised, but the deformation is probably not cured.

In fact, clinically, whether or not it is deformed has little to do with pain.


In the past, when I treated a person with osteoarthritis who was scheduled to have surgery in 3 months, the pain disappeared in less than 2 months, so I canceled the surgery, but that person was not cured of the deformation.


The only treatment I’m doing is improving the movement of my spine.

I just had to improve my lifestyle.


So, what are lifestyle changes that improve spinal canal stenosis?


(1) Do not bend your waist even 1mm.

This is the most important thing when it comes to healing your back.

For this reason, I moved the dishes I use frequently from the lower drawers to the upper drawers.


②Purchase of bed

Getting out of bed every morning is exhausting.

Even if you just turn this into a bed, the burden on your legs and lower back will be reduced every morning.


③ Sit firmly, stand firmly, walk firmly

When I look at my mother, she has already started walking from a sitting position to a half standing position.

At that time

“It hurts…”

While saying.


Before standing, I instructed them to straighten their backs and sit back down, then slowly stand up completely, and then walk.


“It doesn’t hurt to walk.”

It said.


I also stopped the habit of putting things on the floor.

If you put it down, you will have to habitually bend down and bend your back.


Even spinal stenosis, which has progressed to deformity in this way, can be improved simply by improving daily lifestyle habits.

If there is something that comes to your mind, why not change it from there?



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