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40 shoulders, should I move them?

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“Recently my left shoulder hurts…”

A person came.


40 shoulders and 50 shoulders are often said.

“If you don’t move it, it freezes”

That’s what it means.


Even on the Internet, information that says, “If you don’t move it, it will harden, so please move it.”

People who go to orthopedic surgery because of shoulder pain are also undergoing rehabilitation by physical therapists to increase the range of motion of their shoulders after receiving electrotherapy and heat therapy.


to your friends

“I feel like I’m 40.”

almost certainly when you talk to

“Better move”

“If you don’t move it, it will freeze”

is advised.


and mostly

“I also had 40 shoulders, but I was able to heal in about a year while doing rehabilitation at that time.”

It is said that.


in the world

40 shoulders and 50 shoulders are cured while moving.
It takes about a year to fully heal.
To say is flooded.


Is this correct?

And why did it take a year to heal?


that is

it gets worse when you move it



Your shoulder is getting worse with each rehab session.


“I’m doing my best to cure it, but does it get worse?!”

You may be surprised, but this is a fact.


There are people who come to our hospital with 40 shoulders, but most of them are completely cured in about 2 to 3 months.

The reason why it heals in such a short period of time is because I instructed “Please do not move it”.

If you follow these instructions exactly, you will see results within a month.

But especially if your dominant arm hurts, you can’t afford not to use it at all.

Therefore, the average recovery time is 2 to 3 months.


So, what is the condition of 40 shoulders and 50 shoulders?

You can’t tell from the outside, but there are countless scars on the fascia under the skin.

The wound “pops” open when you move your shoulder.


For example, if you have 10 scars on your shoulder fascia, let’s assume that 2 of them will heal in a day if you rest.

Let’s say you worked hard on rehabilitation, believing that “moving will heal”.

Then, instead of expanding the wounds that are likely to be blocked, one more wound will be added and there will be 11 wounds.


Then the next day it hurts a little more than the day before.

“Didn’t I get enough rehabilitation?”

And if I try harder to rehabilitate, I end up with another wound, and the next day it hurts even more.


doing it every day

“It’s getting worse and worse…”

I’m going to spend the days that I say for about a year.


Normally, if you leave it alone, it will take about a week

“It just got a whole lot easier.”

I should have been able to say.


The fastest way to heal is to not hurt.

In addition to rehabilitation, it is important to act without pain in various situations such as when taking off and putting on clothes, when drying laundry, and when reaching out.


If you can practice this every day, your 40 shoulders will heal much faster than you can imagine.



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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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