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how to get rid of anxiety

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Are you feeling anxious?

‘I’m always anxious’

If you say so, there is something I want you to try.

It’s a way to get rid of anxiety.


“Is there such a thing?”

“Counseling or something?”


The way to get rid of anxiety is

Do not feel uneasy




“What are you talking about?!”

“If you can do that, you won’t have a hard time!”

I might get angry.


But this is the most certain.

Do you know why you feel anxious?

because it doesn’t do anything.

Please look back.

Do you feel anxiety when you are absorbed in something?

Well, people who have a desk job and sit all the time may feel uneasy even at work.


In most cases, you should be sitting still when you feel anxious.


Our subconscious does not allow nothing.

If there is nothing, it works to fill it with negative feelings.

That’s why I feel uneasy when I sit still.



how to get rid of anxiety

1. Move


If you can move, please move anyway.

“I can’t move because my house is too small.”

For those who say, please step on the spot and go around in circles.


When you move, your sympathetic nerves are activated and you feel better.



how to get rid of anxiety

② Upward



“Aren’t you positive?”


In general, it is said that “Let’s be positive”.

“Think positive”

“Let’s say thank you a lot”

“Just do what you love”

are forward-looking initiatives.


There are people who can do this positive initiative and people who can’t.

Or rather, there may be a lot of people who can’t do it.

If you don’t feel really grateful when you say thank you, you can’t say it’s positive.


What I’ve been practicing lately is “upward”.

This is a way to manipulate the body, not the feeling, so anyone can practice it.


So what do we do?

how is your palm now?

Is it facing down on your lap or on your desk?

Try turning your palm up.

how is it?

Doesn’t this alone clear your head?


Another effective way to do this is to put your thumb up and do a “Goo!” pose.

The peace sign is also good, and pointing your index finger up like when a high school baseball player wins is effective.


If you are in an environment where you can jump, a small size is fine, so please bounce.

It also helps to clear your head and boost your physical strength.

You can also just keep your eyes looking upwards.


It’s easier to continue if you work on “at once” such as when you’re watching TV or operating your smartphone.

Anyway, please be aware of “above”.


The above two methods are effective even when you feel anxious, but they are even more effective when you don’t feel anxious yet.


If you practice when you don’t feel anxious, the effect will accumulate like savings.

Let’s work on the image of accumulating “feeling savings”.


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