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Recommended habits when you are not feeling well

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I have a habit that I’m addicted to lately.


that is

don’t eat



for example

“I don’t feel well today”

when you feel

“Let’s not eat lunch today.”

I decide.



“Is it okay if I don’t eat even though I’m not feeling well?”

“Don’t you feel better if you don’t eat?”

It may be said.


It is generally accepted that eating is healthy.

“Let’s eat ◯◯ and be healthy.”

“If you eat this, you will live longer.”

“◯◯ has an inhibitory effect on cancer”

I think it can’t be helped because there is so much information out there.


The other day, to my father, who was suffering from leg numbness,

“If you don’t eat it, you’ll be fine.”

I was laughed at with my nose when I gave advice lol.

The information that “eating makes you healthy” is pervasive.


It is true that our bodies are made up of what we eat.

In this case, what you usually eat becomes important.

This depends on daily accumulation, so just drinking lactic acid beverages in a short-circuit doesn’t mean that your immune system will improve immediately.


However, the method I sometimes use to say, “I feel better by not eating,” is about this evening.

“I’m feeling better”

Results will come sooner than you say.


So why don’t you feel better if you don’t eat?


The first reason is that the energy from digesting food can be used by other tissues.

Do you feel sleepy after eating lunch?

This is because when the internal organs digest and absorb, a huge amount of energy is required, so the energy that goes to the brain is used, so it suppresses the work of the brain.


Another reason is that “autophagy” works.

Autophagy is the mechanism by which cells degrade their own components.

It is being studied to suppress heart failure, renal failure, infectious diseases, various inflammations, and to have important physiological mechanisms in aging and immunity.

Professor Okuma of the Tokyo Institute of Technology won the Nobel Prize for this research.


Well, putting aside the complicated story, the point is to say that if you don’t eat for a long time, you will be healthy.


Then, how long do you have to eat to get better? That is 16 hours or more.


“Huh?! That much?!”

You may think so, but let’s say you have dinner at 8:00 pm.

Get up early

“I feel heavy today”

If you feel like that, skip breakfast.

If you eat lunch at 12:00, you have not put food in your organs for 16 hours.


how is it?

It’s possible, isn’t it?

By the way, I’m currently doing a 24-hour challenge.

In the evening, my head feels refreshed and I can see that my stomach has improved.

The other day, when I happened to have back pain, I stopped eating and it improved surprisingly quickly.


Please try the challenge.


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Autonomic nerve specialist Nobuhiro Miyajima

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